Wilmington Pike Improvement Plan

The Wilmington Pike corridor is the backbone of Kettering, and its vitality is central to the strength of our commercial success.  The City of Kettering has invested $18.4 million from 2006 to. This was paid for by grants ($11.6 million), the economic development fund ($2.7 million) and the Capital Improvement Project fund ($4.1 million) to make infrastructure improvements to this roadway.

The Wilmington Pike Improvement Committee, a group of business owners and community stakeholders, engaged in a strategic planning process to identify the most important challenges and promising opportunities for this essential corridor.  Together with City staff they created a plan to regenerate investment and spur economic development in 2013. City Council adopted the recommendations set forth in this plan in December 2013 and the City continues to make progress every year in incentivizing investment along the Wilmington Pike corridor.

The Wilmington Pike Improvement Plan was established to encourage reinvestment and redevelopment of properties along the Wilmington Pike corridor. There are two grant programs that businesses can take advantage of as part of this plan.

The Demolition Assistance Program provides grant assistance for the demolition of structures and clearance of sites for redevelopment, economic development, and the removal of non-conforming structures or the removal of blight.

The Facade & Site Improvement Program is available for exterior building façade or site improvements. The program is designed to bring buildings and sites into conformance with the Kettering Zoning Code, and/or to remove blight and encourage economic development.

To learn more about the eligibility requirements for both programs call 937-296-3342.

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