Governor’s Place Redevelopment

The decline of strip shopping centers began in the 1990’s. The high cost of demolition and the need for quick profit made redevelopment of these sites somewhat unappealing to private developers. Such was the case of Kettering’s Hills and Dales Shopping Center, a 25,000-square foot center that enjoyed healthy profits into the ‘70s and then slowly deteriorated in the late 1990’s.
In 1999, the center’s owner asked the City to buy the site. City officials were reluctant to become involved in the development, but had experience with the redevelopment of an Air Force Base and another small industrial site. And ultimately, the deteriorated shopping center had an incredibly negative affect on the adjacent neighborhood. The City purchased the Hills and Dales Shopping Center hoping to sell off the entire site to another developer or to develop a site plan and sell off parcels. The two options were worked simultaneously for several months. When no developer came forward, the City eventually went forward with its plan to sell off individual parcels.
Today, the site has been totally revitalized. “Governor’s Place” has created over 500 jobs and the City was able to recover its investment in less than ten years and the overall payback was completed in seven years. Governor’s Place offers beautiful architecture and a unique park setting along the boulevard for employees or nearby residents to enjoy.
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