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As a progressive city, we will seek to educate leaders from throughout the community. The Academy's principal goal is to create an active network of informed and concerned citizens that will influence the direction of Kettering and support the achievement of its goals and objectives. While working and learning together, participants will enhance their leadership skills, broaden their understanding of community issues and become a resource for leadership opportunities in Kettering.

The Kettering Leadership Academy, sponsored by the City of Kettering, has been created to equip citizens with important knowledge and skills needed to help lead a community. In a nine-month period, class members will learn through presentations, discussions, and direct experience about every major aspect of community life including public safety, city government, education / schools, community diversity, history, health care, business and service clubs / volunteering. Participants are selected based on their leadership potential and demonstrated commitment to the community. As a graduate of the program, you will help form a foundation of people who are uniquely qualified for the responsibilities of future community leadership.


The program's principal goal is to build a resource of community leaders on a continuing basis. Kettering Leadership Academy has five specific objectives:

  • To identify, educate and develop potential community leaders;
  • To expand the leadership potential of participants;
  • To enhance quality of life in the community;
  • To provide a channel for individuals to gain access to leadership opportunities in an informed and responsible manner; and
  • To ensure that participants receive personal growth and satisfaction, as well as community recognition.

A maximum of 14 people will have the opportunity to participate in the Kettering Leadership Academy during the 9-month period. Participants are selected on their own merit by the Academy's board members. The admissions process consists of a written application and personal interview.

Each participant is required to attend at least six sessions and the opening retreat to be eligible to graduate. Class preparation will include reviewing reading materials and completing assignments.


Program Schedule

September 8-9, 2024: Mandatory Retreat at Camp Joy

October 10, 2024: Local Government

November 14, 2024: Non-profit Organizations and Community Service

January 9, 2025: Healthcare

February 13, 2025: Education

March 13, 2025: Public Safety

April 10, 2025: Community Resources and Kettering History

May 8, 2025: Business Community & Graduation Ceremony



Participants will be asked to participate in a community issue or complete a class project. The purpose is to provide an opportunity to participants to engage in the small group decision-making process that will help prepare them for future involvement in volunteer civic and community activities.

The class selection process seeks a cross-section of the community - men and women from different career, educational, political and cultural backgrounds.

Candidates must demonstrate the ability to set and achieve goals, which is an indication of the applicant's motivation and leadership potential.

Candidates must demonstrate commitment to the community. This is achieved through past and current community involvement and interest in future involvement beyond the scope of the Kettering Leadership Academy.

Candidates must show potential to impact the community. This is based on the applicant's ability to offer leadership and resources to benefit the community; work with other community leaders; and provide initiative in critical areas.

The Kettering Leadership Academy consists of seven daily sessions and a mandatory two-day retreat. Each session is held at a different location within the community - a site pertinent to the class topic. The class format consists of discussion of information and issues related to the topic, and a leadership exercise.

Tuition for the program is $800 per participant. Tuition can be paid by the participant's employer or sponsoring organization.


Lisa Duvall, Councilmember, City of Kettering

Dawn Kirchner, Volunteer Administrator, City of Kettering

Lindsey Curry, Assistant Volunteer Administrator, City of Kettering

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