Mandatory Waste & Recycling Cart Storage Requirements

Rumpke offers carts in various sizes to accommodate a wide range of both trash volume and storage space. The ideal location for cart storage is within a garage or indoor structure. If stored outside, City of Kettering ordinance requires that carts must be kept on the side or in rear of property. Carts may not be kept at the curb, on the driveway, sidewalk or front of property.
Both refuse and recycling carts are available in 96, 64 and 32 gallon sizes.The dimensions for carts are as follows:
96 Gallon Cart:  Height: 46”   Width: 26”   Depth: 34.5”
64 Gallon Cart:  Height: 41.5”   Width: 24”   Depth: 27”
32 Gallon Cart:  Height: 36.75”   Width: 19”   Depth: 26”

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