Waste Management Updates to Residential Trash & Recycling

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Resident Trash & Recycling Service Basics

If you are a new resident, please contact Waste Management directly at home.wm.com/Kettering or 1-866-263-6445 to establish service for your address.

Whether you select standard curbside collection or premium house-side service, the City of Kettering contract with Waste Management guarantees savings on trash and recycling collection services for Kettering residents.

The terms of the contract permit minimal fee adjustments every few years.  Waste Management service fees for all Kettering residents will increase by 3% this summer, the first change in fees since 2015.

Complete details about Residential Waste & Recycling for Kettering residents can be found in the Waste Management brochure or by visiting home.wm.com/Kettering .

Waste Management Pricing

Effective July 1, 2018














Trash & recycling toters for regular customers are still available in any combination of 96, 64 or 32 gallon sizes.  Qualified Senior Rate customers may select any combination of 64 or 32 gallon trash & recycling toters. Additional toter rental fee will increase from $3.96/month to $4.08/month per toter. Please call Waste Management at 1-866-263-6445 to request changes.

Qualified Senior Rate

The City of Kettering contract with Waste Management offers a reduced rate for income eligible and age qualified seniors.

To be eligible for the Qualified Senior Rate, participants must be 65 years or older and must have reported less than $30,000 in all sources of income on the previous year’s tax returns.

If you are a Kettering senior who meets both requirements – all members of your household are 65 or older AND you reported less than $30,000 in income last year:

Please bring a photo ID and last year’s tax returns to the Kettering Government Center (3600 Shroyer Rd) any weekday from 8 AM to 5 PM to enroll in the program.

City staff will verify your documentation and return it to you.  You do not need to bring copies.

If you are currently enrolled to receive the Qualified Senior Rate you do not need to do anything.  You will remain enrolled in the program.


 Waste Management Customer Service

To set up trash service or to speak with Waste Management directly, call 1-866-263-6445. To speak with a City staff member regarding Waste Management, call our trash hotline at 937-29 TRASH (937-298-7274). You can also go online at www.wm.com.

Do I have to use a Waste Management provided toter?

Yes. All service levels must use Waste Management provided toters. All material placed out for collection must fit in your Waste Managerment provided toters.

Where are residents expected to keep their toters?

Waste Management offers toters in various sizes to accommodate a wide range of both trash volume and storage space.  The ideal location for toter storage is within a garage or indoor structure.  If stored outside, City of Kettering ordinance requires that toters must be kept on the side or in rear of property.  Toters may not be kept at the curb, on the driveway, sidewalk or front of property.

Both refuse and recycling toters are available in 96, 64 and 32 gallon sizes.The dimensions for toters are as follows:
96 Gallon Toter:  Height: 46”   Width: 26”   Depth: 34.5”
64 Gallon Toter:  Height: 41.5”   Width: 24”   Depth: 27”
32 Gallon Toter:  Height: 36.75”   Width: 19”   Depth: 26”


Waste Management Trash and Recycling Toter Storage Guidelines


Waste Management Collection District Map

Special Programs for Qualified Customers

The contract also provides discounted waste removal programs for those who qualify. To learn more about these programs, please review the qualifications to see if you are eligible:
Qualified Disabled Resident Rate
Qualified Senior Rate

Waste Management Customer Service

To set up trash service or to speak with Waste Management directly, call 1-866-263-6445. To speak with a City staff member regarding Waste Management, call our trash hotline at 937-29 TRASH (937-298-7274). You can also go online at www.wm.com.
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