The City of Kettering partners with Wright State University every two years to conduct a Kettering Resident Satisfaction Survey.  Emails with a link to the online survey went out yesterday from Carol Murray, our partner at Wright State, to a randomly selected group of Kettering residents.  If you received an email it is a valid survey and we appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback.

What Kettering Leadership Academy Graduates Have to Say

The Kettering Leadership Academy is committed to creating an active network of informed and concerned citizens that will influence the direction of Kettering and support the achievement of its goals and objectives.
While learning together, participants will enhance their leadership skills, broaden their understanding of community issues and become a resource for leadership opportunities in Kettering.
This is what some of our graduates have to say:
“The greatest thing I will take away from the experience is the connection and friendship I have developed with so many intelligent, creative and caring people. I was also impressed with how meaningful the sessions were and how much impact this class has had on my perception of the community and what I can do to contribute.” – Graduate, Pamela Caffrey
“The feeling of satisfaction and gratification from accomplishing feats out of my comfort zone proved to me that “I can do it” and gave me a new sense of self-confidence.” – Graduate, Nancy Slezak
“Great job exposing me to the resources in the community—all activities really opened my eyes and educated me about the City.” – Graduate, Carrie Jane Guarasci
“Gaining a deeper understanding of the many players that work to make a community function was a real joy. I am glad that I had the opportunity to participate in the Academy. I look forward to more involvement as a young leader in the City.” – Graduate, Bryan Suddith


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