D.E.S.C. Redevelopment

In 1993 the City of Kettering learned that a long standing employer, the Gentile Air Force Base, would be closed as part of the ’93 Base Realignment and Closure process. In an effort to recreate job opportunity, and to redevelop the base into a site for new industry, the City created the Kettering Business Park.
The Kettering Business Park officially opened in 1997, complete with underground fiber optic communications, underground utilities, new roadways and much more. In a short time, more than 1,500 jobs and 8,000 square feet have been filled by established companies such as GE Capital, the National Composite Center, the Kettering Municipal Court and Fire Department headquarters.
This 165-acre Park is an ideal location for corporate headquarters, research and development or light industry.
• Former Air Force Facility
• More than 3,000 employees
• 165 + acres
• Closed in 1996
• Loss of income tax revenue
New Development
• City of Kettering becomes owner of 165 + acres
• $20 million worth of infrastructure and demo costs
• Nearly 2,000 employed at the Business Park
• Recapture income tax revenue
• New property tax revenue for schools
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