Exterior Property Maintenance Standards

The exterior areas of a property must be maintained in good repair and in a sanitary condition. The maintenance of yards and buildings offer the public a general impression of the overall condition of a property. Such impressions can reflect not just on individual owners but also on entire neighborhoods. This adds to the importance of upholding the level of property maintenance at a good quality standard.
The following exterior property elements are regulated by Kettering’s Property Maintenance Code:
Tall Grass & Weeds
All properties shall be maintained free from tall grass, weeds and uncultivated plant growth in excess of eight (8) inches in height. If a notice to cut is ignored, the City has the ability to to abate the violation after ten (10) days and invoice the property owner for the cost of the work. Vacant properties are monitored closely during grass cutting months.
Trees, hedges and shrubs must be properly maintained to a neat and orderly appearance, be free of disease and infestation, and show no evident signs of neglect. Dead plantings shall be removed or replaced.
Garbage, Junk & Debris
Junk, debris, garbage/trash, litter and other similar items, including noxious or offensive materials, shall not be allowed to accumulate on a property. Garbage and trash shall be stored in approved rigid containers with tight fitting lids. Containers may not be stored in front yards.
 Trash Collection Service
Trash collection is required for every property in Kettering. Rumpke Waste and Recycling handles trash collection for Kettering’s residential single-hauler system. The single-hauler requirement does not apply to multi-family or commercial properties. For more information please visit our informational trash pickup web page regarding waste removal services within the City.
In addition to trash pickup, the following services are regularly available to Rumpke customers:
Bulk waste pickup is available on regular trash pickup days and residents are encouraged to take full advantage of this service.  Visit www.rumpke.com for a list of bulk pickup items.
Recycling is available and a recycling container will be delivered once you sign up for the program.
Please contact Rumpke at: 1-800-828 -8171 for more information on their services.
If your property abuts an alley, your trash and recycling are picked up in the alley; however, bulk pickup items and yard waste are still placed at the street behind the curb (do not place items in the street).
Montgomery County Solid Waste District accepts the recycling of household items and hazardous materials. Please visit the MCSWD website for hours of operation, locations, acceptable drop-off items, and fees associated with this program. You may also contact MCSWD at 937-225-4999.
The City of Kettering’s Street Department operates a yard debris drop off center free of charge to Kettering residents for items such as leaves and mulch. Please visit their yard debris information page or call 937-296-3255 for more information.
Outside Storage
Items permitted to be stored outdoors shall be designed for outdoor use and cannot be stored in any front yard. Permitted outside storage shall be maintained to a neat and orderly appearance.
Unsecured/Vacant Properties
Vacant properties shall be kept secure and maintained in good repair. If a property owner, upon notification, does not secure broken or open doors or windows in a timely manner, the City shall take such action necessary to cause the building to be secured.
Drainage from roofs and paved areas shall not be discharged in a manner that creates a public nuisance. Downspouts should be directed in such a way that discharge is away from foundations and does not go onto any adjoining property.
Fire Damaged Properties
Timely cleanup, securing, and demolition or restoration of fire damaged structures are property maintenance concerns because of the resulting unsafe conditions. Permits will be required if demolition or major repairs are necessary. Contact the Planning Department at 937-296-2441 before beginning any demolition or reconstruction project.
Structural Damage
When the structural integrity of a building has been compromised by accidents, acts of nature, natural deterioration, etc., building permits will likely be required to perform the necessary repair work. Contact the Planning and Development Department prior to beginning any repairs.
Motor Vehicle Storage & Repair
Motor vehicles stored outdoors shall be parked on a hard-paved surface, must be in operable condition and carrying a current license and registration.
Vehicles located in the public right-of-way, either on the street or in an alley, must comply with regulations enforced by the City’s Police Department and Public Works Department.
Major bodywork, repairs or painting of your personal vehicles must be performed in enclosed spaces suitable for such purposes.
Parking of Recreational (RVs*) and Boats in Residential Districts
The regulations can be found in Section 1145.13 of the Kettering Zoning Code.  Recreational vehicles may be parked on residential property under the following conditions:
  • Vehicles greater than 8 feet in height must be stored inside of a building.
  • Vehicles less than 8 feet :
    • Only in rear or side yards.
    • Taller than 6′ must be setback 6 feet from the property line.
    • Less than 6′ must be setback 3 feet from the property line
  • All vehicles shall be screened from view of neighboring property and all public rights-of-way by a continuous 8′ high evergreen hedge or a 6′ high privacy fence.
  • Vehicles 30 feet or longer are only permitted in a vehicle storage facility or indoor parking locations.
  • All vehicles permanently stored on the property must be parked on parking pads (paved/concreted surface).
Paved Surface
All paved surfaces such as sidewalks, walkways, driveways, parking areas, loading areas, access drives and parking lots must be maintained free of litter, weeds, safety hazards and major deterioration such as chipping, cracking or potholes.
Parking Areas & Parking Lots
Parking surfaces shall be paved and parking stalls clearly striped. Broken or damaged curbs and wheel stops shall be repaired or replaced. Off-street parking areas are to be separated from adjoining non-paved surfaces with a continuous Portland Cement concrete curb at least four-inches tall.
Exterior light fixtures on private property shall be in good working condition and installed so as to preclude light and direct glare from being projected onto adjacent residential properties at any point three (3) feet or higher from the ground surface at the property line.
All signs shall be maintained in a safe and good condition at all times. This includes cleaning, repainting, replacement of defective light ing, and replacement of other parts or materials as required. Signs at discontinued operations shall either have the sign face replaced with a blank face within 30 days or have the sign structure completely removed.
Household pets; meaning any dog, cat or other animal, fish, fowl or reptile, that is tame and domesticated and typically kept inside a residence; can be kept in a residence so long as they are not being used for a commercial purpose. A maximum total of five animals; dogs, cats, rabbits or other household pets over four months old may be kept at any residence.
Property Maintenance Hotline: 937- 296-3286
Download the Property Maintenance Code
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