Important City Service Update: Our annual leaf collection service was due to be complete last week, but has been extended through December 21 due to late leaf fall resulting in high volume and impact of ice storm debris.  Thank you for your patience.

We are in our final round of leaf & ice storm debris collection and crews are currently working in District 8. We will then proceed in numerical order to Districts 9, 10, 11 then Districts 1, 2 & 3.  Districts 4 - 7 are done for the year, we will not be coming back through before spring.

Residents can visit this page to easily find their leaf district.

If we complete collection in your district and you still need to dispose of leaves you may either place them in your Waste Management toter for collection on your normal pick up day or you can take leaves to our Yard Debris Center on Woodman Center Drive through December 22nd. Yard Debris Center hours are Monday through Friday 3-8 PM and Saturday 9 AM – 3 PM.

Yard Debris Center

Yard Debris, Compost & Mulch
Information Line: (937) 296-3255
1840 Woodman Center Drive

Because of the wide spread damage caused by the ice storm the City of Kettering is providing several options to assist residents with debris. The preferred method is for residents to take any debris they can trim, collect and transport to our Yard Debris Center.

To accommodate this our Yard Debris Center will have extended hours as follows:

Monday through Friday from 10 AM – 8 PM through November 30 and Saturday / Sunday through December 2 they will be open 9 AM – 5 PM.

We will be closed November 22 & 23 for the Thanksgiving holiday.

We will extend closing of the Yard Debris Center for the season until Dec 22.

From Dec 3 -22 the Yard Debris Center will return to normal hours which are Monday through Friday 3-8 PM and Saturday 9 AM – 3 PM.

Beginning December 3 our street crews will make one pass through the city to collect any ice storm related debris residents are unable to take to the yard debris center. Limbs and branches must be trimmed to less than 4 feet in length and must be less than 4 inches in diameter for us to collect them.  The City will not offer services to cut residential debris. If you do not have the equipment to cut limbs to length you will need to hire a private contractor or rent / buy equipment.

Please place them at the edge of your yard near the curb, but not in the street or in leaf piles.

This is very important:  leaf trucks cannot and will not collect leaves if there are branches in the piles.

We anticipate that these collection efforts will be further complicated by likely arrival of more winter weather and our crews needing to treat and clear roadways for snow and ice.

Please remember that leaves and branches placed in the street will be thrown back in to yards by snowplows – making it more important than ever to make sure leaf piles and any ice storm debris at the curb for collection be at the edge of the yard but not in the street.

  • Closed December, January & February
  • Closed Holidays
  • Closed during hazardous weather
*Please be prepared to present proof 
of residency when dropping off debris.
Please adhere to the following specifications when dropping material at our yard debris site:
Brush, limbs and trimmings should be cut to 6′ length and 4″ diameter. Items exceeding these specifications may be refused.
Yard debris we cannot accept:
• Grass Clippings
• Thatch
• Sod
• Dirt
• Rocks
• Concrete
• Building and Construction Materials
The above listed items contaminate the composting process and cause equipment failure. However, Montgomery County Solid Waste District may accept some of these materials. Please call (937) 225-4999 for more information.
Yard debris pick-up
Yard waste is also serviced by Waste Management along with your regular household trash.  Simply place your yard debris in your trash toter for collection on your regular service day.  Yard waste must fit inside your toter and need not be bagged.  Waste Management will not collect separate bags or bundles of yard debris left next to your toters.   Residents may also continue to take tree limbs and brush to the City’s Yard Debris Drop-off Center located on Woodman Center Drive.
For further information on Waste Management’s program, you may call 1-866-263-6445.

What happens to your yard debris?
Yard debris is ground in a tub grinder and transported to our composting site. Material is laid in rows to decompose. The rows are turned regularly to introduce air and moisture. The end product is a rich organic soil and mulch. Yard Debris Drop Off Center Flyer
Leaf Compost & Mulch
Each fall, we pick-up the leaves residents rake curbside. The collected leaves are taken to our “leaf farm”, where the material is processed and made into leaf compost. In the Spring, when the leaves have formed a rich compost, it is made available to the residents of Kettering for free! Material may be picked up at Indian Riffle Park on Stroop Rd.

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Volunteers from Kettering Citizens Police Academy will be on site to “spot check” vehicles. Please be prepared to present proof of residency or tax-payer status when picking up wood chips or leaf compost.

Please note: The City of Kettering does not deliver mulch or compost.
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