Streets Frequently Asked Questions

Leaf Pickup FAQs

Residents are encouraged to call the Leaf Pick-Up Information line at (937) 296-3255 or visit our daily updates page for a current status report.

Collected leaves should NOT be placed in the street. We ask residents to place leaves between the curb and sidewalk. If your neighborhood does not have sidewalks, we ask that leaves be placed as close to the edge of the roadway as possible, taking particular care not to impede traffic or block storm drainage. Please do not place leaves in bags.

No. Yard Debris other than leaves will clog our equipment. Examples of unacceptable yard debris include: grass clippings, mulch, landscape bark, mud, sticks, limbs or stones. For more information on yard debris disposal, please visit our yard debris page.

Snow Removal FAQs

Not necessarily. Many factors affect how soon a particular residential street receives service; including proximity to collector streets, topography, school locations and traffic volume. The City does not track rotation of district plowing from storm to storm.

Alleyways may be plowed, following completion of all residential streets. We encourage citizens to remove their vehicles from public roadways during snow plowing operations.

Cul-de-sacs are especially difficult for snow removal operations. In a light snow, a circle may not receive treatment unless there is an incline. During plowing operations where all streets are plowed, drivers must push snow into available open spaces (i.e. around fire hydrants, between mailboxes, driveways and storm sewer inlets).  Many times, cul-de-sacs have parked cars, which further complicate plowing.

Once drivers complete the plowing of collector streets, they immediately begin moving into district residential streets adjacent to collector streets. Districts with hills and inclines receive priority over neighborhoods which are relatively flat. Neighborhoods concentrated around schools also receive higher priority.

The City of Kettering has established snow routes which prioritize snow operations to focus on primary routes and major thoroughfares, hills, curves, emergency vehicle access, bus routes and school access. Once completed, crews begin to work into other areas based on this priority system. In light snow events, not all streets may be treated.

When snow plowing becomes necessary and snow ceases to fall, it may take all available plows up to (24) hours to conclude the city’s sixteen (16) major routes including thoroughfares and collectors.

Water Main Break FAQs

Water mains are handled by Montgomery County. Please contact them at: (937) 781-2678 to report a potential problem.

Sanitary Overflow FAQs

The City storm sewers are separate from the Montgomery County sanitary sewer lines. If you have water backing up into your home through a drain, please contact Montgomery County at (937) 781-2678.

Recycling FAQs

Q: How do I obtain a recycling cart?

A: Rumpke handles trash collection and recycling within the City of Kettering. Your recycling container will be delivered upon initiation of trash service. Please contact Rumpke at 1-800-828-8171.

Q: Is recycling included with my trash pick-up?

A: For more information regarding trash removal or recycling services, please contact Rumpke. You may also visit our informational web page regarding trash services within the City of Kettering.

Q: Where can I drop off household items, hazardous materials, etc. for recycling?

A: The City of Kettering no longer maintains a recycling center for these items. However, Montgomery County Solid Waste District accepts these materials for recycling. Please visit the MCSWD website or call (937) 225-4999 for hours of operation, locations, acceptable drop-off items, and fees associated with this program.

Q: Can I recycle waste from my yard such as leaves, mulch, limbs, etc.?

A: Yard waste will now be serviced by Rumpke along with your regular household trash. The City of Kettering also operates a yard debris drop off center free of charge to Kettering residents. Please visit our yard debris page for further information.

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