Ditch & Berm Maintenance

Roadside Ditch Maintenance
Roadside ditches are inspected and cleaned simultaneously as part of our storm sewer inspection and cleaning program. Typically, sections of ditchline that have silted in over the years will be re-graded upon request of the property owner and/or the Engineering Department. Private storm sewer pipe and driveway culverts encountered on unimproved streets will not be inspected, cleaned, or maintained by City personnel.
  • The entire ditch is not usually cleaned — only the portion where water flow is obstructed.
  • Ditches also serve as temporary retention areas. This allows additional time for the water drainage systems to carry excess water during heavy rains.
  • Over the years, some property owners have filled in their portion of a ditch, landscaping over top. This action is advised against, as it often causes drainage issues.
Berm Maintenance
Road edge berming of unimproved streets (no curb or gutter) is performed where deemed necessary to protect the road edge. Residential streets are bermed a maximum of 18 inches from edge of pavement.
Berming is done for the following reasons:
  • To support the asphalt edge of the street and prevent deterioration.
  • To provide a smooth transition from the road edge to the existing grade of the landscape
  • To prevent storm water runoff from ponding and freezing.
  • To allow handicapped accessibility.
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