The City of Kettering’s due date for filing and paying Individual 2020 Kettering income taxes has been extended to May 17, 2021. Please visit for details.

Additional Streets Services

The Streets Division loans traffic cones and barricades
to Kettering residents for multiple uses:
  • Driving Test Preparation
  • Church Functions
  • School & Club Events
If you would like to borrow cones or barricades, please call
our office at (937) 296-2472 to complete your request.
If you need information regarding a Block Party,
please contact the Engineering Department
at (937) 296-2405.

Addl Services PictureThe Street Department occasionally
visits local schools or offers tours
of our facility for a special day of learning
and fun. Our street sweeper and snow
plow trucks are always a favorite!
Please contact us for further information: (937) 296-2472.
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