Asphalt Patching Program

Asphalt Maintenance – Spot Patching

The purpose of spot patching is to temporarily repair City streets until the entire street is resurfaced or reconstructed by the Engineering Department.
During the warmer months we use “hotmix” asphalt purchased from local asphalt plants. However, asphalt plants close during colder months and we must then 
use “cold patch” compound. Cold patch is not as long-lasting as hot mix and is used as a short-term solution until a permanent repair can be made. Spot patch crews check thoroughfares and residential streets on a regular basis. If you see a pothole, please report it to the City and crews will follow up as soon as possible.
Report a Pothole
Asphalt Maintenance – Major Patching
The purpose of major patching is to permanently repair larger areas of damage in streets. Major patching examples:
  • Areas where potholes are clustered.
  • Sinking water main breaks.
  • Utility access cuts in street.
  • Areas of a street that have weakened.
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