Leaf Collection Update: Crews are currently working in District 5 and are progressing forward through the districts.  Districts are picked up in numerical order, so please have your leaves raked and placed by the curb before we get to your area. Please check the map for your leaf district.

Snow Removal & Ice Removal

Winter Weather Preparedness
Information Line: (937) 296-3255
The City of Kettering Streets Division plans for winter storms months ahead, even when the weather is warm! Organization and careful use of resources ensure safe driving routes.
The City of Kettering has established 
(16) primary snow routes which provide
a connected, continuous system, enabling traffic flow throughout the City. Primary routes include major thoroughfares, hills, curves, emergency vehicle access, bus routes and school access.
Our drivers clear an equivalent of 975 miles while plowing the City!

Snow Route Map

While snow continues to fall, operations will focus on the main roadways only. 
After 2” of accumulation, and cessation of snowfall, the side streets in the City will be addressed.

Tips for residents:
The safety of our citizens is a top priority, and we strive to provide safe and passable road surfaces during winter storm events.
• Stay informed about pending weather conditions.
• Allow extra travel time.
• Maintain a safe following distance and slower speeds.
• Avoid peak traffic hours.
• Do not attempt to pass snowplow trucks, which may be plowing in teams.
• Remove parked vehicles from street wherever possible.
• Snow plowed across driveways is unavoidable. When shoveling, you may consider placing the snow on the right side of your driveway (as you face the street) to lessen the amount of shoveling due to snow plow deposits.
• Carefully clear sidewalks as soon as practical.
• Remove any remaining snow from around mailbox for the mail carriers.
• Take breaks when shoveling to avoid exhaustion.
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