Street Cleaning & Sweeping

General Street Cleaning
Maintaining a clean appearance in Kettering is important to us! Keeping the roadways free of illegal signs, deceased animals and large debris are an integral part of street cleaning. While thoroughfares are checked frequently, the Streets Division also accepts citizen requests.
When a deceased animal is retrieved and may be someone’s pet, the breed, color and location of pick-up are recorded. If a collar with identity tags is present or if a micro-chip is found through scanning, Animal Control will be notified at (937) 296-3266. This information is kept on file for approximately (30) days.
Private or commercial signs cannot be placed in the City right-of-way (ROW). The ROW is the area of land between the road edge and the sidewalk. If there is no sidewalk present, contact the Engineering Department to determine ROW width.
Street Sweeping
The Streets Division is responsible
for the daily maintenance of over 258 miles of road! Clean streets and gutters not only give the City an overall clean 
appearance, but reduce traffic accidents and air pollution caused by fine dust particles or debris on the roadway.
Cleaning streets and gutters also prevents blockage of storm drainage structures. Debris in the storm drains lead to costly repairs, cleaning and often times flooding.
Rain and cold temperatures may restrict street sweeping operations.
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