Resident Mulch & Compost Program

Each fall, we pick-up the leaves residents rake to their curbside. The collected leaves are taken to our “leaf farm” where the material is processed and made into leaf compost. In the Spring, when the leaves have formed a rich compost, it is made available to the residents of Kettering for free!

Mulch & Compost Availability

Mulch and leaf compost is usually available starting the 2nd week of April and concludes for the season when we run out of material.  It is free for Kettering residents!

Proof of Kettering Residency is required when picking up mulch or compost.  

Street Division Hotline

(937) 296-3255


2801 E. Stroop Road at Indian Riffle Park (located behind Tannenberg Kennels)

Volunteers from Kettering Citizens Police Academy will be on site to “spot check” vehicles for proof of residency or tax-payer status.

Hours of Operation

Sunrise to Sunset, seven days a week.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When does the city restock mulch/compost?

The Street Division hauls mulch/compost to Indian Riffle Park on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays depending on material availability.

Does the city deliver mulch/compost?

No.  You may pick up mulch/compost in your truck, trailer, or other container during hours of operation.

Will the city load mulch/compost for me?

No.  You must hand-load mulch/compost yourself.  The use of machinery to load mulch/compost into your truck, trailer, or other container is not allowed.

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