Prugh Woods


This map shows the Prugh Woods Development including the new housing development layout, the final alignment of Prugh Woods Drive and the multi-use pathways.  See a larger version of the Prugh Woods Map here.
Peebles Homes plans to sell 36 new construction single-family residences on the 8.4 acres of land they purchased from the City of Kettering.  Home sites can be seen on the map above.  Information regarding the proposed single-family homes can be found on the website for Peebles Homes. The starting price of the new homes is in the mid-$200,000s.
The Prugh Woods development includes a new access road to the Kettering Recreation Complex from East Dorothy Lane, which will be named Prugh Woods Drive. A multi-use pedestrian/bicycle pathway will be constructed along Prugh Woods Drive with a connection to Westcott Drive.  It is important to note that the City did realign the placement of the roadway in response to resident concerns shared at the Community Meeting held in April 2015.  The roadway is now 100-200’ away from the rear of residential properties on Revlon Drive.  At this time Prugh Woods Drive will not connect to Rosewood Arts Centre, though the opportunity remains open for future consideration.
Prugh Woods Drive speed limit will be 25 MPH in the residential area and will reduce to 15 MPH as you approach the Kettering Recreation Complex. There will not be a traffic signal installed at Prugh Woods Drive and Dorothy Lane at this time.  Installation of a traffic signal must be warranted by traffic volume.  The city will monitor traffic levels to determine need for a signal.
Prior to the design of the Prugh Woods Development, our Parks Department conducted a comprehensive tree study of the property.  They found a high number of ash trees in the area that would have been scheduled for removal due to emerald ash borer regardless of future development plans.  The entire development was designed in a manner that preserved nearly 14 acres of wooded area, and the roadway was planned to avoid removal of as many quality specimen trees as possible. In cases where quality specimen trees are removed, they will be replaced at a 2:1 ratio with quality trees that are at least 2” in diameter and 8-10 feet tall.  In all, more than 550 trees will be planted as part of the new development.
Both the cross country and disc golf courses changed slightly as a result of the Prugh Woods development.  The team from our Parks Department has worked in recent months with representatives from both user groups to determine best options for those courses.
If you have further questions regarding the Prugh Woods development, please contact Assistant City Manager Steven Bergstresser by calling the City Manager’s Office at 296-2412 or email to
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