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Property Maintenance concerns may be filed through Access Kettering:

Access Kettering icon Online Permits and Inspections

The Access Kettering tool is now available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  No more waiting for our offices to open to report a property maintenance concern in your neighborhood.

Complaints should include the address of the subject property and the specific nature of the concern. It is important to give the exact street address or as detailed a description of the location as possible when filing a complaint.

You can find out the status of a complaint by logging onto Access Kettering.

Code Enforcement

The purpose of Kettering’s Property Maintenance Code is to protect and promote the public health, safety and welfare of our residents and visitors in order to maintain and improve the quality of life in our community. The code regulates minimum maintenance standards for both residential and commercial properties.

It is to our community’s benefit to keep all properties properly maintained and to encourage and assist our neighbors who may be struggling to do the same. A property that is not well maintained impacts property values and has a negative effect on quality of life for surrounding neighbors.

The Property Maintenance Division, which enforces compliance with the Property Maintenance Code and the City’s Zoning Code, handles several thousand complaints annually. The Division includes three full-time property maintenance inspectors, one clerk, two seasonal inspectors and is managed by the Chief Code Official. The city encourages citizen participation to raise expectations regarding code enforcement.  You can view or download the City’s Property Maintenance Code via a link at the bottom of this page.

Property Maintenance Video

Check out our short video on the steps you can take to keep your property up to date and looking great.

Trash Containers

Check out our Trash Toter Flyer on why you should care where your garbage is stored and our short video on different ideas on how to conceal your containers outside.

Property Maintenance Checklist

Maintaining your property is a major key in keeping your community safe and driving property values up. You can save a lot of money by regularly correcting simple problems before they become major repairs. Use this Property Maintenance checklist and sketch as a guideline to evaluate your home.

Systematic Target Improvement Areas

Each year the Property Maintenance Division selects different areas of the city for Systematic Inspections (inspector generated inspections). The selection of these Target Improvement Areas is in no way a negative reflection on any specific property or neighborhood. Selection is simply based on an overall assessment of the city and a three-year rotation schedule. It is our goal to assess every area of the city on this rotation.


Who can file a complaint?

Anyone can file a property maintenance complaint.

What happens after a complaint is received?

Once received, the complaint is assigned to an inspector and entered into an internal database where progress is tracked.

Once a violation is confirmed, the law requires that we notify the property owner or responsible party via a written Legal Notice that a violation exists. The inspector may first attempt informal contact either in person, by phone, or by mail prior to issuing the Legal Notice.

If contact is made, the violation is reviewed with the responsible party and a written order to correct the violation within a specified timeframe is issued.

If attempts at contact fail, the Legal Notice is sent as required by law.  Owners/responsible parties have the right to appeal the written orders and must do so in writing to the Planning Department within ten (10) days of receiving the Legal Notice.

What if I can’t afford to do the work?

We make every effort to work with those individuals with legitimate financial issues that may affect their ability to correct a violation within the given compliance time. For example, if a loan is needed, we may allow the individual additional time to make the proper arrangements with their lending institution.

The City of Kettering has a variety of low-interest loan programs available for income eligible homeowners to assist them with financing necessary home repairs. Check the City of Kettering: Rehabbing A Home page for specific details on these programs or call our Housing Division at 937-296-2441.

What about those who do not comply?

The City will abate tall grass and weed violations if compliance isn’t achieved within the given timeframe (generally 10 days) and bill the property owner for the cost of the work plus administrative fees.

The City may also assess re-inspection fees for every inspection conducted to determine compliance after the given compliance date has expired.

Any invoices not paid by the due date will be forwarded to Montgomery County and placed as an assessment on the property taxes.

Violations not corrected within the specified compliance time may be forwarded to the City Prosecutor for prosecution in Kettering Municipal Court.  Once a violation is sent to the Court, the cited party is responsible for court costs.

Whoever is convicted of violating any provision of the code is guilty of a misdemeanor and the Court may impose additional fines.

Can I store my boat or recreational vehicles outdoors on my residential property?

Recreational vehicles (RV’s), including campers, jet skis, boats and trailers, utility trailers and the like, are only permitted under the following conditions:

• Such vehicles cannot be stored in the front yard or within ten (10) feet of side or rear property lines
• Side or rear yard storage areas must be maintained free from tall grass and weeds
• Such vehicles must be stored screened from both the public right-of-way and neighboring properties with use of a privacy fence, a solid evergreen hedge and/or a building that is at   least six (6) feet in height
• Vehicles must in operable condition and properly registered
• Such vehicles shall not be connected to utilities other than for cleaning and cannot be used for living, sleeping or housekeeping while on the premises.

Can unlicensed or inoperable/junk vehicles be stored outdoors on a property?

• Such vehicles are not permitted to be stored outside of an enclosed building on any property
• All vehicles stored outside must be licensed and in working order.

What is considered an inoperable/junk vehicle?

• A vehicle without a valid, current registration and/or license plate
• A vehicle that is inoperable and cannot be moved under its own power
• A vehicle that is missing major components such as windshields, doors, tires, engines, transmissions or other similar major parts
• A vehicle with a flat tire or tires.

Property Maintenance Code

Other Property Maintenance Issues

The Montgomery County Combined Health District operates a satellite office in Kettering where the Health Department may be contacted for further information regarding sanitation requirements for both residential and commercial establishments, including inspections of restaurants, grocery stores and swimming pools.  To reach the Health Department satellite office, call 937-296-2430.

Landlord Registration

Owners of rental property in Kettering are required to register their property with Montgomery County through the County Auditor’s Office in downtown Dayton. To obtain registration forms or for further information, contact the Auditor’s Office at 937-225-4326 or access their web page at


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