Patrol Section

The Kettering Police Department Uniform Patrol Section
The Kettering Police Department Uniform Patrol Section is a subdivision of the Operations Division, which is commanded by the Operations Captain.
The Patrol Section is organized into three Patrol Watches. Each Patrol Watch is commanded by a Lieutenant, and consists of two platoons of officers, each supervised by a Sergeant. The Patrol Section also has a Fourth Watch consisting of a Sergeant and four Officers who work from 7:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. to provide better coverage during peak hours of calls for service.
The Patrol Section’s primary responsibility is to respond to calls for service, conduct preliminary investigations into crimes that are reported, maintain order, enforce the criminal and traffic code, identify community problems, work with members of the community and other outside resources to solve community problems, and to create a safe and comfortable community in which people can live, work and visit.
The Kettering Police Department employs a Community Policing philosophy, and the Patrol Section is where this philosophy is most visible. The City is divided into six geographic beat areas. A Community Policing Team has been created for each geographic area. Each COP Team consists of a supervisor (sergeant), and two officers from each of the three Patrol Watches that are regularly assigned to work that particular geographic beat area. In addition, the school officer, a neighborhood watch/crime prevention officer, and a detective, are assigned to each COP team. The teams meet every month or so, to discuss ongoing community problems occurring in the particular geographic beat area. COP Projects are initiated when a long-term problem is identified. All officers on the team work together to brainstorm solutions and implement plans of action the team has developed. A specific officer is generally designated as the project coordinator and will lead the discussion and report on that particular project.
Assignment to particular Patrol Watches is done annually, and officers are assigned according to their preferences, seniority, and work performance.
The Kettering Police Department has many specialized officers within the Patrol Section, but these officers are generally assigned to a standard Patrol Watch rather than being separated into specialized work units. This approach is supportive of our Community Policing Philosophy and minimizes the natural barriers that tend to develop between specialized work units.
These specialties include:
Special Response Team
Evidence Technicians
Accident Investigation Technicians
Bicycle Patrol Unit
Motorcycle Officers
Crisis Negotiation Unit
K-9 Officers
Field Training Officer Program
For further information about the Uniform Patrol Section of the Kettering Police Department, please contact Captain Price at (937) 296-2565.
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