Crisis Intervention Specialist

The Crisis Intervention Specialist (CIS) is a licensed clinician from South Community Inc. (a community mental health center) providing crisis services with Kettering police. Services are provided on scene and by way of follow up to referrals sent by officers. The CIS often rides along with officers and has an office at the police department. Calls can include but are not limited to crisis involving: mental health/substance abuse, housing, victims of crime, child/elderly concerns, lack of resources and community crisis. The overall goals of the CIS position are to:

  • Increase the efficacy of assisting citizens suffering from mental health related conditions to include substance abuse by having a mental health professional on scene
  • Reduce the number of repeated calls for service for individuals/locations suffering from these effects through treatment options
  • Mitigate the law enforcement and judicial involvement by offering treatment options in lieu of incarceration or other penalties for low grade misdemeanors, where the city is the complainant, committed by those with mental health or substance abuse disorders (Ex. Abuse of 911, Alcohol-related, low grade drug offenses, etc.)

Contact Information

Office: 937-296-3028

Cell: 937-528-3154

Office hours- Monday- Friday 10:00a-6:00p


Local Crisis Now 24/7: 833-580-2255

Miami Valley “warm line” (M-F 11a-7p) 937-528-7777

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