Our Mission

The Kettering Police Foundation was established to create a way for citizens, organizations and businesses to give back to Ohio’s Finest Community. The Foundation is a police-oriented organization with the sole purpose of recognizing and helping those in need. The Foundation sponsors state-of-the-art training to area police officers, assists citizens with extraordinary situations, as well as awards college scholarships to students studying law enforcement.

Our Purpose

The Kettering Police Department operates under the community-oriented policing philosophy. The belief promotes stronger interaction between police and community. Under this philosophy, officers identify individuals and families in need of monetary assistance who are not eligible to receive help under existing programs.

The Kettering Police Department is sensitive to the needs of those less fortunate and created a foundation with the sole purpose of helping and enhancing the community.

The Kettering Police Foundation serves as a vehicle to accept donations made in honor of the excellent work performed by Kettering Police Department employees. The Foundation enables citizens and organizations to donate monetary gifts in appreciation for the outstanding service, and distributes these funds back to local individuals and families in need.

Annually Funded Programs

Based on need and the wishes of contributors, the Foundation provides annual funding for the following initiatives.

  • radKIDS Program – Young children are taught self defense techniques to help them escape from dangerous strangers;
  • Shop with Cops Program – Uniformed officers meet with underprivileged children from Kettering and buy Christmas presents for them and their families;
  • Chief John R. Shryock Scholarship Fund – A $1,000 scholarship award was granted to a Kettering resident;
  • Miami Valley Crime Stoppers

Special Projects

  • Comfort Kits for Kids - The Kettering Police Foundation, in conjunction with Grace Baptist Church, AdPro of Dayton and Chick-fil-A, provided each police cruiser with a comfort kit for children traumatized or lost.
  • Police Protective Equipment - Provided outfits for officers having to deal with Fentanyl or other toxic materials.
  • REDO Day for Kettering Schools - Provided lunch for children who participated in REDO Day at Van Buren School.


Our emphasis is to continue finding innovative ways to raise funds each year in order to support all of the achievements listed above and to identify new worthy causes for funding.

The Foundation does not use professional fund raisers, and all contributions that are made go directly to the Foundation.

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