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To provide the City of Kettering residents a safe, secure and voluntary program that identifies, locates and/or assists seniors and other residents in times of emergency
No cost to residents except to provide a key if the lock box portion of the program is chosen by participant
• Resident with Alzheimer’s/Dementia
• 65 years or older and lives alone on a frequent basis with a medical condition that is potentially incapacitating
• Juvenile or adult with developmental disorders, i.e. Down Syndrome or Autism
Information on participant to include:
• Updated Digital Photo
• Personal Info
• Emergency Contacts
• Points of Interests (For Wanderers)
• Vehicle Information
• Alarm Information
• Medical History
• Medications
• Pet Information
• Firearm Information
Real estate type lock box placed in an inconspicuous location of residence.
Worn by participants that become easily confused or can’t communicate. No personal information on wristband.
Database is only accessible by Police Dispatchers, KSSP administrator and his direct supervisor.
Backup hard copy of File of Life is in a locked file inside Dispatch in case of computer failure, i.e. power outages.
Police officers and Fire personnel will not enter participant’s residence unless summoned on an emergency call.
Lock box is reset after each usage by KSSP administrator.
ID wristband only has KSSP assigned number of participant so that criminals cannot use information to steal identities or commit other frauds.
Reflective stickers on participant’s house and vehicles identifies them in a way that only Police officers and Fire personnel recognize. This is another fail-safe in case computers are not accessible
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For more information, contact Community Relations
Phone: 937-296-2567
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