Important City Service Update: Our annual leaf collection service was due to be complete last week, but has been extended through December 21 due to late leaf fall resulting in high volume and impact of ice storm debris.  Thank you for your patience.

We are in our final round of leaf & ice storm debris collection and crews are currently working in District 9. We will then proceed in numerical order to Districts 10, 11 then Districts 1, 2 & 3.  Districts 4 - 8 are done for the year, we will not be coming back through before spring.

Residents can visit this page to easily find their leaf district.

If we complete collection in your district and you still need to dispose of leaves you may either place them in your Waste Management toter for collection on your normal pick up day or you can take leaves to our Yard Debris Center on Woodman Center Drive through December 22nd. Yard Debris Center hours are Monday through Friday 3-8 PM and Saturday 9 AM – 3 PM.

Volunteer Recognition

The City of Kettering holds two events each year to honor the many volunteers who contribute their time and talent with the City.
Every spring at the Fraze Pavilion, an event is held for our volunteers in celebration of National Volunteer Week. At this event, volunteers gather to enjoy entertainment and refreshments.
In the fall, a Volunteer Recognition Luncheon is held for volunteers and their staff supervisors. At the luncheon, the Mayor presents volunteers with awards based on cumulative hours contributed.
The following is a list of volunteers that have contributed over 5,000 hours of dedicated service to the City of Kettering:
Betty Huden – 1988
Josephine Picicci – 1989
J. Earl Jones – 1989
Jane Gray – 1990
Lucille Bollinger – 1990
Otto Gross – 1990
Ruth Gross – 1991
Jean Collins – 1993
Isabelle Magewick – 1993
Julia Stauffer – 1994
Harriet Birecki -1996
Hugh Holtman -1997
Genevieve Meixner – 1998
Flo Bishop – 2000
Frank Rosi – 2001
Charlotte Cekun – 2002
John McClelland – 2002
Joe Steinbicker – 2002
Carl Ross – 2004
Larry Schlea – 2004
Lucille Coleman – 2005
Robert Newcomb – 2005
Bernie Wannemacher – 2005
Charles Stanek – 2008
Anneliese Bryant – 2009
Robert Hallisy – 2009
Marillyn Knight – 2009
Joann Keys – 2012
Opal Leo – 2012
Bill Rohr – 2012
Bob Ellis – 2013
Charles Stanek – 2014
Surya Patel – 2016
Ronald Neuerman – 2016
These volunteers have contributed over 10,000 hours of volunteer service to the City of Kettering:
Jean Collins – 2004
John McClelland – 2009
Larry Schlea – 2009
Charles Stanek – 2015
These volunteers have contributed over 15,000 hours of volunteer service to the City of Kettering:
Larry Schlea – 2014
Volunteer Larry Schlea receives a certificate from City Manager, Mark Schwieterman for 17,900 hours of service!
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