Mayor’s Award

Established in 1983, the Mayor’s Award for Volunteer Service honors outstanding volunteers who are making valuable contributions to the community through volunteer service in a wide variety of categories such as health, recreation, arts, environment, education, public safety, civic service, or human service. Recipients of this award must either be a resident of Kettering, or the volunteer service must be performed in Kettering. The volunteer activity can be in a structured setting or on an informal basis. Groups are also eligible to apply. Awards are presented by our mayor at a city council meeting in April during National Volunteer Week. One adult and one youth are honored with an award.

Adult and youth Mayor’s Award nominations are accepted all year. Awards are presented during National Volunteer Week. 

Nominate someone by using the forms below.
Mayor’s Award: Youth Nomination Form
Mayor’s Award: Adult Nomination Form


Meet our 2019 Mayor’s Award Winners

Mayor’s Award for Youth Volunteer Service –

Sasha Whitaker

2019 Mayor's Award recipient, Sasha Whitaker, with Mayor Don Patterson
2019 Mayor’s Award recipient, Sasha Whitaker, with Mayor Don Patterson

Sasha Whitaker is a senior at Fairmont High School. Her family includes her mother, Andrea Kannedy; father, James Whitaker; step-mother, Kelly Whitaker; and half-sister, Jessa Whitaker.  Her current volunteer efforts include:

Dayton Honor Flight where she reports to the airport at 2 a.m. on flight days to greet veterans and provide assistance for the trip.  She also returns in the evening to welcome them home.  At the age of 16, Sasha served as a flight guardian for two veterans, one of which was wheelchair bound.

She is also an active SISCA foster. She responds to requests to pick up animals and the supplies to care for them, on a moment’s notice.  Without her help, these animals might never have the chance for adoption.

Sasha lost her grandmother to ALS.  Since 2005 she’s participated in Dayton Walk to Defeat ALS.  For the past several years, she’s been a member of the planning committee.  She has many responsibilities including helping with event set-up and securing donations.

She has also been a student council member in both middle school and high school.  She is a member of National Honor Society, a peer tutor, and she’s volunteered at the Kettering Early Childhood Education Center.

Sasha plans to attend The Ohio State University in the fall to pursue a degree in Early Childhood Education.



Mayor’s Award for Volunteer Service (Adult) –

 Rick Moreton

2019 Mayor's Award recipient, Rick Moreton, with Mayor Don Patterson
2019 Mayor’s Award recipient, Rick Moreton, with Mayor Don Patterson

Volunteer Rick Moreton, is married to Stephanie and they reside in Sabina which is a 53 mile commute one way to the City of Kettering. They have one son, Austin. He works part-time at a Nike store near his home.  He began volunteering for Kettering in 2013. To date, he has donated over 1350 hours of service.  His volunteer work includes helping with the city’s Christmas Day Open House at Polen Farm, greeting guests at Fraze Pavilion, and assisting visitors at the Kettering Connection. Rick also generously provides guidance to city staff on matters of adaptability and inclusion.

One of Rick’s nominators had this to say about his work at Kettering Connection, “Many of the people visiting Kettering Connection are desperate for help with very difficult situations.  Several have lost spouses, friends and even children.  Rick is comfortable enough to discuss the sad times as well as celebrate the good times.  He creates a positive and welcoming atmosphere.”

When Rick was asked why he drives so far to volunteer with the City of Kettering he stated, “There is no better place to serve.”  Rick always makes an effort to promote activities and events sponsored by the City.

Another nominator stated, “Rick is a very caring individual.  He has a great sense of humor and a strong desire to help others.  Rick is an inspiration. He overcomes obstacles, and chooses to live his life fully.  I am so grateful to have shared the past six years with this gentleman and watched how, in spite of his challenges, he uses his gifts to be of service to others and ensure that each person he comes in contact with feels valued.”





Sasha Whitaker                                  Fairmont High School, Dayton Honor Flight, SISCA foster, planning                                                                                                      committee in Dayton Walk to Defeat ALS, student council member,                                                                                                    volunteered at the Kettering Early Childhood Education Center

Rick Moreton                                      Helping with the city’s Christmas Day Open House at Polen Farm, greeting                                                                                   guests at Fraze Pavilion, and assisting visitors at the Kettering Connection



Lauren Dalton                                      Dayton Regional STEM School, Girl Scouts, Preschool camp at Boonshoft                                                                                      Museum and instructs gymnastics for young children at South YMCA

Sue Ellen Boesch                               Kettering Arts Council, PRCA Advisory Committee, Art on the Commons, UD                                                                             Libraries Advisory Committee



Theodore Hale                                    Fairmont High School, assists Main and Central Unit offices at school, Fairmont                                                                          Unity Garden, helps with Holiday at Home float, assists an older gentleman                                                                                   recovering from cancer regain strength

Damian Foster                                    Sinclair Community College/Fairmont High School, office assistant, assists a                                                                               Fairmont Industries student through the Buddy System



Andrew Waker                                    Alter High School, Key Club, assists with various activities with Dor-Wood                                                                                    Optimist Club, helps with Down’s syndrome children and adults, numerous                                                                                    fundraisers for St. Vincent De Paul and March of Dimes

Bill & Marynel Bradley                    Christmas Day at Polen Farm, Speed Watch, Neighborhood Watch, Compost                                                                              Cops, Holiday at Home, Kettering Noon Optimist Club



Elizabeth Janess                                Alter High School, Key Club, Kettering and Dayton Children’s Hospital, Mission                                                                         trips to Guatemala, Summer Bible Camps, Peer Minister

Zach Lawhorn                                      Kettering Middle School, Art Club Buddies



Kalliope Bessler                                    KMS, Hannah’s Treasure Chest, serving food at St. Vincent’s Soup Kitchen                                                                                   Greek Festival and the Oktoberfest, teaching children weekly at church

Courtney Hemmelgarn                   Fairmont High School, Peer Mediator, Tutor at Indian Riffle, The House of                                                                                      Bread, Clothes that Work, assists elderly neighbors with yard work at Central                                                                                Presbyterian Church – youth group leader, sings in the choir, helps in the                                                                                         nursery and assists with Vacation Bible School



Emily Herting                                     Fairmont High School

Allie Smith                                           Alter High School



Rachel Ramey                                     Oakwood High School – Christ United Methodist Church

Meagan Burian                                   Alter High School



Jessica Wuensch                                 Fairmont High School, MLK & Kettering Youth Council

Jordan Hibner                                       Alter High School Key Club, We Care Arts 7 Juvenile Diabetes

Chuck & Carol Dickerson               Neighborhood Pride



Alic Brock                                               Fairmont High School, Dayton Street Ministry



Emily Fleitz                                           MLK Breakfast & Fairmont United Student Body

Lauren Ignozzi                                    Senior/Senior Prom, Alter Key Club



Caroline Smith                                    Fairmont High School Student Council, Greenmont Oak-Park Food Pantry



Catie Gmeiner                                      Alter Key Club & SADD

Kyla Morgan Young                           Fairmont High School, Radio Director WKET

Alan and Mary Kay Feller              Christ United Methodist After School Program



Opal Leo                                              CIL, City of Kettering

Ralph Andrews                                City of Kettering, Disabled Swimming Program

Alter Key Club                                  60 Non-Profit Organizations

Amber Mitchell                               Fairmont High School, Junior Optimist



Ashley Timmons                                 Fairmont High School, DECA, National Honor Society

Dr. Goodwin                                          Boy Scout Troop 236



Larry Schlea                                        City of Kettering Volunteer Program

Tyler  Back                                           Fairmont High School, WKET-FM

Katie Scocozzo                                  Fairmont High School, National Honor Society

Erin Vannatta                                     Alter High School peer Ministry

Zac Sideras                                           Fairmont High School, Kettering Youth Council



Fairmont Industries                         Plant Flowers, One Lincoln Park



Jean Collins                                         CIL Nutrition Program, City of Kettering

Nicole Van Scyoc                             KMS, Safety Village



Frances Rasnake                             Kettering Medical Center

STAND                                                  Students Taking a new direction



Robert Spaulding                                Initiated and manages volunteers who restore artifacts at the U.S. Air Force                                                                                  Museum at WPAFB

John McClelland                                 City of Kettering, Vehicle Maintenance Center

Ron Wilson                                             City of Kettering P&D, Fraze, Scrapbook

Katybeth Mannix                                Van Buren Middle School, Power of the Pen & City of Kettering



Bob Barr(posthumously)                Community activities far too numerous to mention

Alter High School Key Club           A variety of activities in the community including help with cleaning up                                                                                            parks, collecting food for the needy, working with youths, helping with seniors                                                                            and raising money for various charities.

Matt Deppen                                         Donated extensive services for the construction of the State Farm Park                                                                                         concession stand as well as volunteered for EKRC and Holiday at Home

Anita Rankin                                          Extensive volunteer service with the American Red Cross for more                                                                                                    than 25 years,  specially excellent work with the International Relief and                                                                                          Development Program.



Fairmont High School                      67 seniors donate hundreds of hours in a variety of ways,

National Honor Society                  including tutoring students.

Bill Greger                                              Extensive volunteer work with KPD and Con 21 rescue. As well as televising                                                                                 City Council meetings and a variety of activities for The Maria Joseph Council                                                                             of the Knights of Columbus.

Bill Spencer                                           Many activities including work at the DePaul Center, St. Vincent Hotel,                                                                                              Franciscan Medical Center, K of C and Sister City.



Dottie Cromer                                     Extensive volunteer service for the South Community YMCA, including                                                                                             administrative work, organizing events and helping with The Indian                                                                                                       guide/princess program

Sarah Hoskinson                                 Many activities at Van Buren Middle School, including student Council                                                                                            president, junior optimist co-president, peer tutoring, fund raising and                                                                                               activities at Far Hills Baptist Church youth group

Edmund Trissell                                  Donated countless hours photographing all major events of the                                                                                                              Kettering-Moraine Historical Museum and provided all materials for                                                                                                 their photographic library free of charge.

Lucille Graham                                     A variety of volunteer activities through Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and                                                                           in the community



Kettering Council of PTA s         Establishing and maintaining the Kettering Clothing Room

Vipul and Disha Patel                     Outstanding students involved in many leadership and extra-curricular activities                                                                        at Fairmont High School and active in community organizations

Citizen Police

Academy Alumni                              Organization a volunteering group to assist the Kettering Police Department in                                                                           a multitude of ways.



Dor-Wood Optimist Club           Extensive volunteer activities with area youth

Carey Roth                                          Many activities at Fairmont High School and in the community including SADD

Genny Cook                                        Extensive service as an City of Kettering volunteer and at Christ United Methodist Church

Youth Sports Organizations

  • East Kettering Recreation Club
  • Kettering Amateur Baseball Commission
  • First Kettering Athletic League – Baseball
  • Fairmont Wee Firebirds
  • First Kettering Athletic League – Football
  • Kettering Soccer Club
  • South Dayton Figure Skating Club
  • Dayton Bombers Youth Hockey League
  • Fairmont Hockey Club
  • Firebird Futures
  • Kettering City Swim Team
  • Kettering Delco BMX Association



Noreen Long                                      Kettering Jaycee activities and Holiday at Home concessions

Nikki Van Nest                                  Many activities at Fairmont High School and related Projects

Janet Bolton                                       Sister City activities

Jean and Paul Shank                      Coordinate Fraze volunteer ushers and work with  Neighborhood Pride Awards                                                                           Committee



J. Richard Lawwill                            Parks & Recreation Advisory Board, Parks Foundation

Jon Moodie                                         Youth Service Award, Eagle Scout Projects

Bonnie and Ed Anderson            English as Second Language Program in Kettering Adult School

Kettering Fairmont                        Providing a safe activity for youth after the prom

AfterProm Committee

Nat Goff                                                Heartland of Kettering Nursing Home

Ruth and Lloyd Grodrian            Kettering-Moraine Museum and Historical Society



Barbara Clark                                     Kettering Morning Glories Adult Skating Team

Dale Neibert                                       Boy Scouts, Kettering YMCA, education

Melinda Brewer                                Youth Service Award, tutors handicapped students

Walter Pettit                                       Sister City, Kettering-Oakwood Exchange club tutors

Kettering and Suburban              Provide one day of recreation to 1,000 seniors per month plus other activities

Senior Citizens



Bill Albery                                             Volunteer firefighter, Youth Baseball

Dan DeBrosse                                    Youth Volunteer, Big Brothers/Big Sisters

Lucille Bollinger                                 C,I.L.,  Nutrition, Bingo

Richard Crandall                               Miami Valley Boy Scouts Council, Habitat for Humanity



Linda George                                      Neighborhood Pride

Harold Trigg                                        Kettering Amateur Baseball Commission

Katherine Quinlan                           Developmental Center for Handicapped

Pat Mastbaum                                    Holiday at Home, many City committees



Adopt-a-Family Program             DESC employees

Dale Kress                                             Christmas Day, many City committees

John Wurst                                          Technology Assistance Panel, delegate to RTA

Paul Doty                                               Kettering Sister City, Kiwanis Club

Jean Armstrong                                 Kettering – Moraine Museum, many City committees

Betty Huden                                        City Volunteer in Planning and Police Department



Miriam Leonard                                FISH – Education – Hunger

Jerry Barnett                                      Education, Dorwood Optimist, many City committees

Glenn Compton                                 Uncle Sam, many City committees

Michael Schumacher                      Volunteer firefighter – trains recruits

Donald Hibbs                                      Kettering Sister City, Rotary Club – Kettering/Moraine Museum



Joe McCloud                                       Dorwood Optimist, Kettering YMCA, Oak Creek Church

Chester Roush                                   School Board/many City committees

Walter Hush                                        Volunteer firefighter paramedic education

Eleanor Fariello                                 Holiday at Home, Kettering Parks Foundation



Tom Spettel                                         Boy Scout Leader/Trainer (National)

Earle Bates                                          City of Kettering volunteer for Police Department

George Lehman                                Involved in many community activities

Arlone Campigotto                         Volunteer tutor in Public Schools

Robert Rohr                                        Volunteer firefighter

Paul Hendrickson                             Beautification Committee



Virginia Kress                                      Beautification, Volunteer committees, Christmas Day

Danny Combs                                      Volunteer firefighter/coach and bus

James Earl Jones                               Cable TV

D.P&L.                                                       Lighting in Parks by Volunteers

William Webb                                     Kettering YMCA – soccer in junior high

Jane Shimmin                                      Girl Scout Leader at group home

Roger Kemp                                         Youth Sports, Pee Wee Football Coach



Oleta Vorhis                                         Provides Christmas dinners for Police and Fire

Rita Cookson                                       PTA Council/clothing room

Valerie Andrews                                Chamber of Commerce

Virginia Tuvell                                     Kettering Moraine Historical Society

Linda Courtney                                   Channel 16/Fund raising

Thomas Farmer                                  Kettering Sertoma, Kidney Foundation

Jane Jancauskus                                 Development Center for Handicapped

Dres Fox/Nancy Allen                     Big Brothers/Big Sisters



Terry Schalnat                                     Church/Christmas project

Alberta Prather                                  Kettering and Suburban Senior Citizen – Pilot Club

Doris Hinders                                      Development Center for Handicapped

Forest Stewart                                    City of Kettering volunteer and Kettering Hospital

Paul Shartle                                          Civic Band

Bernard Wannemaker                    Volunteer firefighter

Edward Fowler                                    Youth Sports

Keith Prentice                                      Andrea Bales/Clay Bates, Theatre Under Stars

Osa Reese                                               Church, Senior Citizen, FISH

Janette Thomas                                   Kettering Hospital

Robert Neitman                                  RTA representative


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