PURPOSE OF AWARD: The purpose of the Mayor’s Award for Volunteer Service is to honor outstanding citizens who are making valuable contributions to the community through volunteer service in a wide variety of categories, such as health, recreation, arts, environment, education, public safety, civic service or other human services.

QUALIFICATIONS FOR AWARD: The volunteer must be a resident of Kettering, or the volunteer service must be performed in Kettering. The volunteer must be age 18 or older. The volunteer activity can be in a structured setting or on an informal basis.

  • Please include the following information: When and where the volunteer activity took place. What the duties of the volunteer activity include. Why this volunteer deserves the award. What makes this nominee outstanding.
  • List someone familiar with accomplishments of nominee.

The Mayor’s Award for Volunteer Service will be presented at a City Council meeting in April each year. Questions should be directed to the Volunteer Administrator at 296-2433 or marylou.randolph@ketteringoh.org.

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