Volunteer Coach Application

Thank you for your interest in coaching for the City of Kettering as a volunteer!

You must be 21 years of age or older to become a volunteer coach. Exceptions to this rule are under limited circumstances and must be approved by the Volunteer Office and Recreation Supervisor. Please call the Volunteer Office for more information: 937-296-2433.

The process to become a volunteer coach:

  1. Complete the following forms: Volunteer Coach Application, Coach’s Rules and Regulations, Volunteer Coach Waiver of Liability. Please double check all fields are complete, and sign and date as necessary.
  2. Attach all documents onto an email and email the documents to: ketteringvolunteer@ketteringoh.org
  3. The Volunteer Office will review your paperwork upon receipt, and contact you to confirm. You will be sent the paperwork to complete your background check.
  4. All youth sports coaches must be fingerprinted with the Kettering Police Records Department every two years. You will need to complete a background check form, and take with you to your appointment. This form will be supplied to you by the Volunteer Office once the other mandatory paperwork is completed. Call Kettering Police Records at (937) 296-2580 to schedule an appointment. They are available Tuesday-Friday from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. We cannot accept fingerprint results from other agencies.
  5. Fingerprint results are sent to the Volunteer Office for review. If cleared to coach, you will be contacted, and a time will be organized to take a photo for an identification badge. You may also choose to submit your own clear headshot. If a background check has been flagged by the State of Ohio, the Volunteer Office will contact you and the Recreation Supervisor. The State of Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation will mail the flagged record to our office to review. This may take 4-6 weeks. This does not automatically bar you from volunteering, but you cannot volunteer until the Volunteer Office receives and reviews your paperwork. You will be notified once the results arrive.
  6. The Volunteer Office will then notify the Sports Supervisor that you are approved to coach.

Mandatory Coaching Forms

Volunteer Coach Application & Coach's Rules and Regulations (Please save this file on your computer with your last name prior to submitting. This must be signed by hand or with a signature software if done on the computer.)

Volunteer Coach Waiver of Liability (Please save this file on your computer with your last name prior to submitting. This must be signed by hand or with a signature software if done on the computer.)

Volunteer Coach Background Form for fingerprinting (The Volunteer Office will send you this form once your other mandatory paperwork is complete. This form is required at the police station for your fingerprint appointment.)

Please email your coaching documents to the Volunteer Office email:

If you do not hear from the Volunteer Office after submission within 1 business day, please call us at 937-296-2433.



For volunteer questions, background check information, paperwork, or general inquiries, please reach out to the Volunteer Office:

Dawn Kirchner, Volunteer Administrator

Lindsey Curry, Assistant Volunteer Administrator

For sport questions, scheduling, or coaching information, please reach out to the Recreation Complex Sports Staff:

Reed Gibson, Sports Supervisor

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