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Board of Community Relations

City of Kettering Board of Community Relations
Our Purpose:
To promote and encourage the creation and maintenance of an inclusive community by fostering equal opportunities and respect for all persons.
Meets: 3rd Monday Term: 3 years
  •  Martin Luther King Jr. Essay Contest
  • Promoting Fair Housing for All Residents
  • Live, Work, Play City Block Party
  • National Night Out
  • Landlord Workshop
  • Block Party Ice Cream Grants
To read more about how the City of Kettering supports Fair Housing, please link to our Fair Housing page.
Board of Community Relations Supports Block Parties with Ice Cream Grants
The BCR’s launched a new campaign in 2015 called the accessibleKettering business recognition program. This completely voluntary pilot program will allow the City of Kettering to publicly honor local businesses that promote a more inclusive community.
Volunteer your business for the pilot program by:
  • pledging to meet & exceed minimum accessibility standards;
  • regularly updating the BCR on efforts to assist the physically challenged;
  • and attending at least 1 “Accessibility Issues” brown bag lunch annually.
What you get:
  • a BCR branded accessibleKettering window decal;
  • additional resources for implementing accessible business practices;
  • and recognition of your business on the City of Kettering website.
Find more details on the program in the accessibleKettering Flyer.
To find out more about the accessibleKettering Business Program access our online video at: accesssibleKettering Business Video Link
Download and sign the accessibleKettering Pledge.
And get started making your business more accessible today with our Ten Guidelines for Accessibility.
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