Affordable Housing Resources

For residents in need of affordable housing within the City of Kettering, there are several housing opportunities available.

Public Housing – Greater Dayton Premier Management (GDPM)

Greater Dayton Premier Management (GDPM) has rental units within the City of Kettering.  Through the Greater Dayton Premier Management (GDPM), a person may qualify for a Section 8 Voucher, which provides rental assistance for the household. The qualifying household would be able to select the apartment they would reside in. The apartment must be approved by (GDPM) to insure the unit is safe and sanitary.
Greater Dayton Premier Management (GDPM)
400 Wayne Avenue
Dayton, Ohio 45410
GDPM Web Page


Privately Owned Affordable Properties

Several private apartment complexes provide affordable housing to income eligible households. Tenants must income qualify and will pay no more than 30% of their gross monthly income for rent. Interested persons must contact each complex directly to determine if a unit is available.

To find a list of privately owned subsidized housing, customized to your needs:

Go to

Choose “Find Rental Assistance

Choose “Search for an Apartment

Drop down box to “Ohio”


  1. “Kettering” OR “Montgomery County” (Montgomery County will provide more options)
  2. Choose a type: “Disabled (both mental and physical disabilities)” “Elderly (seniors 55+)” or “Family(everyone else)”
  3. Specify the number of bedrooms you need (the least amount you need will give you more options. HUD will allow 2 brothers or 2 sisters to share a bedroom for example)

Select “NEXT” at the bottom of the page and a custom list will be generated for you.

You must contact each private owner separately to get an application for housing. Some buildings have wait-lists. Some applicants apply at several buildings at a time to increase the opportunity to be selected as a resident.

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