How do I schedule an inspection?

A permit must be issued and payment received prior to scheduling an inspection.
You can apply for a permit and schedule an inspection for that permit by using our Access Kettering Tool.
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Who to call

Initial request
• The City of Kettering Department of Planning and Development 937-296-2441.  Office hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.
To schedule a time:
• The City of Kettering Inspectors — see “When to call” below.
• For fire alarm, sprinklers, hood suppression, access control systems and final fire inspections, call the Fire Marshall, Duane Stitzel at (937) 296-3384. Note: 48 hour prior notice required!

When to call

• Whenever possible, inspection requests will be honored until 5:00pm on the business day prior to the requested inspection day.
• Beginning at 4:00pm you may coordinate inspection times with the inspector for next business day. (See next note.)
• To arrange an approximate time (+/- 30 minutes) for inspection, call the inspector between 4:00pm and 5:00pm the day before the inspection or between 8:00am and 9:00am on the day of the inspection. Inspections involving concrete pours or critical life safety will be granted first preference.
• Structural: Kip Bohachek, Senior Building Inspector
• Mechanical: Dewayne Jenkins
• Electrical: Matt Loree
• Plumbing & Gas: Jerry Puterbaugh
• Temporary or Final Occupancy Coordination: Kip Bohachek and Patrick Hillier
• If the inspection schedule is full for the preferred day, the request will honored for the next business day.

Required information when calling to schedule an inspection

• Permit number(s)
• Project street address (unit, suite or apartment number or numbers), city (Kettering or Oakwood)
• Contractor company name or homeowner performing the work
• Nature of the work being inspected (i.e., 1st rough, 2nd rough, final, etc.)
• Location at the job site (floor, room name, room number, side, etc.)
• Time preference (AM, PM or none)
• Optional – contact info (name, phone, cell phone, etc.)

Emergency inspections

• Utility shutoff and restoration of a gas, sewer, water or electric service, or other life safety circumstance is considered an inspection “emergency” that can be scheduled on short notice when applying for the permit.
• All other circumstances including real estate closings, project closeouts, retail store or restaurant openings or other normal business or personal pressures are not considered emergencies and will be scheduled using normal procedures. Plan ahead by several days or weeks and coordinate with our inspection staff so we can help you meet your timing goals.
• For serious hazards or imminent danger, call the Fire Department who will respond and contact the Planning and Development Department if required.
NOTE: The contractor performing the work or the home-owner/occupant may be required to be present during the inspection.


• Failed inspections must be rescheduled by calling the Department of Planning and Development and are subject to re-inspection fees if the work is substantially incomplete, incorrect or not inspected.
• Fees must be paid prior to scheduling re-inspection.
• Minor corrections must be re-inspected but may not require additional fees. The field inspector will notify the contractor if additional fees are required.
• Substantially code-deficient residential work may require the presence of a trade professional (plumber, electrician, mechanical contractor) at the re-inspection.

Property Maintenance Inspections

Please visit the Property Maintenance page for more information about property maintenance inspections or call the Planning and Development office at 937-296-2441.
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