Housing Counseling

A recent survey showed that foreclosure rates in the Montgomery County, Ohio area were among the worst in the nation. The HomeOwnership Center (HOC) of Greater Dayton, a partner agency to the City of Kettering, provides foreclosure counseling and education services to current and potential Kettering homeowners. The HOC holds private counseling sessions in Kettering on the Wednesday afternoons. For more information about their programs and course dates, please call 937-853-1600. You may also visit their web page at HomeOwnership Center of Greater Dayton.

The Homeownership Center offers Housing Counseling to:

  • People who want to buy a home in Kettering
  • Residents who own a home in Kettering and need help with a loan modification
  • Residents who own a home in Kettering and have been recently unemployed and would like to apply for “Save the Dream” Assistance
  • Residents who are behind on their property taxes and need help arranging a repayment plan
  • Residents who are considering a Home Equity Line of Credit or Refinancing
  • Residents who are considering a Reserve Mortgage (for those 62 and up)
  • Residents who don’t understand the mortgage or loan documents that they have signed
  • Residents who need help to save their housing
  • Residents who own a home but are wondering about whether they should sell it or stay
  • And more!
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