The City of Kettering partners with Wright State University every two years to conduct a Kettering Resident Satisfaction Survey.  Emails with a link to the online survey went out yesterday from Carol Murray, our partner at Wright State, to a randomly selected group of Kettering residents.  If you received an email it is a valid survey and we appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback.

Emergency Repairs and Accessibility Modifications

The City of Kettering offers grants for Emergency Repairs and Accessibility Modifications of up to $7500.00 for anyone who meets the 50% AMI Income Guidelines.

The program guidelines for those programs are available in the rehab guidelines.

If you would like a program application, you can request one by calling the Community Development Program Coordinator at 296-2441 ext. 4022.

          2016 Income Limits (50% of Median)

            Emergency & Accessibility Grants

Household Size                               Household Income

1                                                               $20,850

2                                                               $23,800

3                                                               $26,800

4                                                               $29,750

5                                                               $32,150

6                                                             $34,550

7                                                               $36,900

8                                                               $39,300

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