Official City Of Kettering Zoning Code June 2023 
Pattern District Map
Zoning Map
Interactive Zoning Map and Pattern Districts

Flood Map


City of Kettering Comprehensive Plan
Wilmington Pike Improvement Plan 2013
Facade & Site Improvement Grant Program
Demolition Grant Program Guidelines
Housing Study 2015:
Housing Market Analysis
Online CT Drilldown
Online Appendix
Housing Market Analysis Census Tract
Housing Market Analysis Appendix
Housing Market Analysis General Report

Residential Reference Materials

Garage and Yard Sales
Basement Remodel Information Sheet
Detached Garage Information and Specifications
Fence Information Sheet Corner Lot
Fence Information Sheet Interior Lot

Furnace Data Information Sheet

Residential Roof-Mounted Solar Panel Array
Shed Information Sheet
Swimming Pool Information Sheet
Water Heaters Information Sheet
Selecting A Contractor

Commercial Reference Materials

Building Permits Checklist

OBC Special Inspections Part I & II

OBC Special Inspection Part IIIOBC Special Inspection Part III

Tent Permit Materials

 Tent Quick Reference Guide
20′ X 20′ or smaller do NOT require a permit.
Certificates of Occupancy
Occupancy Use Groups
Daycare and Assisted Living Use Groups
Construction Types
Montgomery County Health Department (Building Plan Review for Restaurants and Food Vendors)

ADA Information

ADA Small Business Primer
ADA Tax Pack

Citizen Participation Plan

Citizen Participation Plan

Section 3 Plan


Life Safety Plan

Sample Life Safety Plan - Code Sheet
Sample Life Safety Plan - Code Data
Sample Life Safety Plan - Basement
Sample Life Safety Plan - First Floor
Sample Life Safety Plan - Second Floor


Sidestepping Strict Scrutiny – Guide to a content Neutral Sign Code

Zoning Code Mashup – Developing a Hybrid Zoning Code

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