Flood Efforts of City Government and Citizens

Drainage System Maintenance

Kettering has a storm drainage system of both natural and man-made systems. The open sections are natural channels, swales and ditches to carry storm waters away from buildings to natural drainage areas such as creeks and rivers.  The man-made or storm drainage system is built largely out of concrete materials, which carry water from streets and developments to drainage areas.
It’s important to maintain the drainage system to preserve a high-flow capacity to reduce the potential for flooding. Debris in ditches, streams and storm sewers obstruct the flow of water which can cause overflow onto roads and into yards.  Trouble spots are inspected and cleared after every major storm – 30 or more times per year.  The city also will respond to clean-up request made by citizens and city personnel.
The city recently passed legislation against dumping in drainage channels. Any violations may be reported to the City’s Public Service Department at 937-296-2472.

What can my city officials do to help?

If you would like additional information about special flood hazard areas, call the Engineering Department at 937-296-2436.

Get More Information

A considerable amount of literature on flooding and flood protection has been compiled and is available at the Wilmington-Stroop Branch Library at 3980 Wilmington Pike (http://www.daytonmetrolibrary.org/locations/wilmington-stroop).

Citizen Efforts

Property owners can help in several ways:
  1. Keep leaves, sticks, and other debris out of drainage channels and structures.  Utilize Kettering’s Yard Debris Center:  https://www.ketteringoh.org/yard-debris-center/.
  2. Clean-up litter.
  3. Plant native vegetation.
  4. Volunteer at the Habitat Environmental Center and/or Cities of Service:  https://www.ketteringoh.org/departments/kettering-volunteer-program/.
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