Fiber to the Home in Kettering

Various companies are currently installing communications infrastructure fiber throughout Kettering.  These companies are referred to as “Internet Service Providers” or “ISP”.

The City of Kettering is not providing internet services.

Residents should expect to see construction teams and equipment throughout the City completing necessary aerial and underground work.

Construction work in neighborhoods should not disrupt residents’ utility services. Residents should contact their utility provider immediately if there is a disruption in service. Call 911 immediately if there is a danger that threatens life or health.

What can residents expect?

Public agencies and utility companies have the right to work within the public right-of-way and associated easements.  The line between private property and public right-of-way is often located 10 to 15 feet behind the edge of pavement.  On a street with curb and sidewalk, this is often located at the edge of the sidewalk on the house side.  When in doubt, residents can contact the Engineering Department for general questions, or hire a surveyor to determine the exact location of the property and easement lines. Residents who subscribe to the ISP’s service are permitting the company to construct the connection to their house. Residents with an invisible fence line or irrigation pipe in the public right-of-way or utility easement should indicate that location with flags, paint markings or markers to identify the underground line/pipe.

What happens if a resident does not want service?

Communication companies have the right to access the public right-of-way to build their citywide fiber-optic network in Kettering. You are not obligated to use their services. As with other utilities (electric, gas, etc.), the goal is to make this service as widely accessible as possible; however, there is no requirement for any home to sign up for their service.

Who should residents contact for damage complaints and installation concerns?

  • Contact the fiber installation company to report concerns.

How will residents know when ISPs are coming to their area?

Fiber companies should send advance notification to let property owners know when crews will be in the neighborhood. This is typically done by leaving door hangers. A good indication that work is imminent is the appearance of underground utility markings appearing on the pavement and ground in the form of dotted lines in spray paint or small plastic flagging. Different colors indicate the presence of different utilities.

How do residents sign up for service?

ISPs will be in contact with you with service opportunities.


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