Safety Programs and Procedures

The personal safety and health of each employee of the City of Kettering are of primary importance. The City’s objective is to reduce the number of injuries and illnesses to an absolute minimum, with the goal of zero accidents and injuries each year.

The cost of accidents and injuries in lost productivity, medical expense, and material replacement takes away from the resources available to perform the City’s primary missions. City management strives to provide a safe working environment with all safety aids and protection necessary for personal safety.

The City aims to adopt the best safety management practices, in order to achieve our goal of zero accidents and injuries. A safety committee promotes employee involvement and cooperation, increases communication, encourages joint planning, recommendations and decision-making and assists in the development and review of the various elements of the Safety Program.

To be successful, a Safety Program must encourage proper behavior and focus on injury prevention. The City, Safety Committee, Safety Coordinator and employees aim to achieve that success through communication, training and continual review and improvement of the Safety Program. Additional details on safety may be found in the Administrative Policies and Procedures – Series 400: Safety and Health.

Safety Committee Mission Statement

“The mission of the City of Kettering Safety Committee is to identify workplace safety needs and strive to satisfy those needs through implementing, maintaining and evaluating the City Safety Program.”

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