Administrative Policies and Procedures

The policies provided below are for convenience and reference.  Official policies are on file at the City of Kettering.  These policies may be revised, at any time, at the discretion of the City Manager or the Acting City Manager. Should it be determined that any Federal, State, City Law, Regulation, Charter or Ordinance, or any Civil Service Rule or any Collective Bargaining Agreement is in conflict with any portion of these policies, only that portion shall be invalid, and the remainder shall remain in full force and effect.

Table Of Contents

000: Introduction

100: Compensation

101: Compensation

200: Insurance

201: Medical Insurance
202: Employee Life Insurance
203: Accident and Liability Protection
205: HIPAA Privacy

300: Leave

301: Sick Leave
302: Vacation Leave
303: Holidays Personal Leave and Extra Days Off
304: Leave of Absence Without Pay
305: Birthing Parent and Bonding/Non-Birthing Parent and Bonding/Adoption Leave
306: Military Leave
307: Funeral Leave
308: Jury Duty and Court Appearances
309: Injury Leave
310: Family Medical Leave Act

400: Safety and Health

401: Safety
402: Alcohol and Drug Use
403: On the Job Injury
404: Light Duty
405: Medical Examinations
406: Smoking Policy
407: Employee Assistance Program
408: Alcohol and Drug Policy for Employees Who Operate Commercial Motor Vehicles

500: Employment Status

501: Types of Employment, Employment Status
502: Personnel Action
503: Original Appointments
504: Probationary Introductory Period
505: Promotions
506: Reductions/Demotions
507: Reduction in Force
508: Separations
509: Transfers, Reallocations

600: Basic Working Conditions and Practices

601: Hours of Work, Attendance and Unauthorized Absence
602: Communications
603: Identification Cards
604: Outside Employment
605: Motor Vehicle Operation, Usage and Assignments
606: Solicitation and Distribution of Literature
607: Appropriate Dress
608: Cellular Devices
609: Political Activities
610: Equal Employment Opportunity, Harassment, ADA
611: Code of Ethics
612: Personnel Record Changes
613: Workplace Violence, Firearms, Explosives and Other Weapons
614: Payroll Deductions
615: Direct Deposit of Payroll-Distribution of Paystubs
616: Technology Usage
617: Code of Conduct and Civility

700: Special Concerns

701: Performance Evaluations
702: Administrative Grievance Procedure
703: Discipline

800: General

801: Employee Activities Fund and Council
802: Employee Service Awards
803: Uniforms
804: Attending Conferences
805: Rehiring Former Employees
806: Loss or Damage to Employee Property
807: Hiring of Relatives
808: Exit Interviews
809: Educational Assistance
810: Access to Personnel Files
811: Extreme Weather and Emergency Situations
812: Car Allowance
813: Public Records

1000: Policy Applications

1001: Policy Modifications


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