Mayor & City Council Salaries

The City Council is the chief policy making body of the City – responsible for appointing the City Manager in the City’s administrative affairs; and responsible for the appointments to the City’s many boards and commissioners.
Mayor & Council Compensation
This information is being provided pursuant to the requirements of Kettering City Charter, Section 3-5(C) Mayor and Council 2016 total compensation (salary and related benefits: PERS, Medicare and Workers’ Compensation).
Mayor     $13,854.00
At-Large Council (2)    $9,236.00 (Ea.)
District Council (4)      $9,437.00 (Ea.)
(Posted on 1/20/17 for prior year (2016) Total Compensation for Mayor/Council as directed by Kettering City Charter, Section 3-5(C) )  – LaShaunah D. Kaczynski, Clerk of Council
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