About the Mayor

The Mayor is the chief elected official of the City and serves as its principal representative and spokesperson.
Peggy Lehner is the Mayor of the City of Kettering, elected into office November 2, 2021. Peggy has lived in Kettering for most of her adult life with her husband, Jim. They raised five Kettering kids and are proud to have chosen to live here. Mayor Lehner served three terms as an at-large City Council member. She served as a member of the Ohio House of Representatives and the Ohio Senate where she led the Education Committee.
Mayor Lehner will continue to uphold quality service, spectacular amenities, sound infrastructure and economic development. Seeing what the City of Kettering has done to help people–renters, landlords, homebuyers and homeowners–who are feeling the negative impacts of COVID reconfirmed that her decision to run for Mayor was the right one.
Mayor Lehner hopes to join forces with community partners to ensure the children and their families have appropriate resources for their wellbeing. If children are struggling academically or psychologically as a result of the pandemic, Mayor Lehner will lead the City to do its part to work with educators and school administrators to help make resources readily available and easily accessible.
Mayor Lehner will ensure the city’s financial health remains a priority, as well.  She stated, “As the work-from-home trend gains momentum, the City of Kettering is carefully strategizing and preparing for its impact on income tax revenues and developing incentives to attract and keep our residents and businesses. Ohioans pay municipal income taxes where they work, even if their workplace is at the kitchen table.” As Mayor, Peggy will make sure their kitchen tables remains in Kettering!
Peggy Lehner, Mayor of the City of Kettering, Ohio
Cell Phone:  937-477-7640
Bachelor’s Degree – St.-Mary-of-the-Woods College
Married, five children

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