The City of Kettering’s due date for filing and paying Individual 2020 Kettering income taxes has been extended to May 17, 2021. Please visit for details.

The Mayor and City Council office is located at the Kettering Government Center, staffed by the Clerk of Council. The Mayor and members of Council do not hold regular office hours.  The Clerk of Council oversees the day-to-day operations of the Mayor and Council office.

The clerk, in addition to answering citizen inquiries, is responsible for accurately recording and maintaining the official records of actions taken by the Mayor and Council. The clerk is also responsible for publishing a monthly calendar and agenda, and undertaking special projects on Council’s behalf.

Kettering City Council

District 1:  Vacant

Term ends 12/31/23

Phone: 937-296-2416 or Email:


Joe Wanamaker

Joe Wanamaker: District 2

Term ends 12/31/23

Retired Director of Street Maintenance for the City of Kettering
B.T. Industrial Engineering, University of Dayton
Phone: (937) 296-1712 or Email:


Tony Klepacz

Walter A. (Tony) Klepacz: Vice- Mayor, District 3

Term ends 12/31/23

Retired, NCR Corporation
Graduate of Sinclair Community College and
Capital University
Resident of Kettering for more than 26 years
Phone: (937) 435-9830 or Email:


Bruce Duke

Bruce E. Duke: District 4

Term ends 12/31/23

Retired — Assistant Director, Counseling Center, University of Dayton
Ph.D. in counseling, Ohio State University
Resident of Kettering for over 46 years
Phone: (937) 299-2259 or Email:

Jacque Fisher

Jacque Fisher: At-Large Councilmember

Term ends 12/31/21

Senior Leader, Wright-Patterson AFB
MBA University of Dayton
Phone: (937) 232-1637 or Email:

Bill LautarWilliam J (Bill) Lautar,: At-Large Councilmember

Term ends 12/31/21

Retired, Director of Student Services for Kettering City Schools

BS Degree from Ohio University & Masters Degree from University of Dayton
Resident of Kettering for over 50 years
Direct Phone: (937) 689-2205

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