Incentive Requirements

Full-Time employees and Part-Time Firefighters are encouraged to participate in the incentive component of the program. In order to receive the applicable Program Incentives, participants need to earn 5,000 Activity Minutes and 80 Non-Activity Points during the Wellness Year (November 1 – October 31).

There are a variety of ways participants can earn Activity Minutes. Walking, lifting weights, Zumba, running, basketball… the list goes on and on. Participants could quickly earn 5,000 Activity Minutes during the Wellness Year just by walking 20 minutes per day for 5 days a week.

Likewise, there are many ways to earn 80 Non-Activity Points. The Wellness Program sponsors many free screenings throughout the year. Just by participating in the free Annual Health Screening and Health Risk Assessment, participants earn 15 points—and actually a free fitness pass too! If a participant follows up with a dental exam and watches a short and informative Wellness Lecture every other month, they will quickly reach the 80 Non-Activity Points.

Participants must submit points as frequently as they choose; however, all points earned during a quarter must be submitted by the following established deadlines:

Points Earned November – January; Submit by February 10
Points Earned February – April; Submit by May 10
Points Earned May – July; Submit by August 10
Points Earned August – October; Submit by October31

Activity Minutes

Activity Minutes captures time spent on fitness related activities – strength/cardiovascular training, group exercise, walking, sports activity, etc. Participants can earn 15 to 90 Activity Minutes per day. Activity Minutes may be submitted manually through Wellvibe or participants may sync an Apple Watch or FitBit for Activity Minutes to load automatically.

Non-Activity Points

Non-Activity Points captures the education and screening components of wellness – annual physicals, biometric screenings, blood pressure checks, dental and vision exams, vaccines, educational videos, etc. The Employee Wellness Program sponsors many free screenings and educational opportunities. The amount of points varies by screening & type of activity.

Participants cannot earn more than 20 Non-Activity Points per day. Non-Activity Points are to be submitted through Wellvibe.


Participants will use Wellvibe to track and submit Activity Minutes and Non-Activity Points. Employees should follow the Wellvibe Instruction Sheet to create an account. Wellvibe is fully accessible from a computer, tablet, and/or mobile device. To access from a computer, go to To access from a tablet or mobile device, download the “Wellvibe” app!

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