Employee Wellness Frequently Asked Questions

The Wellness Committee is a group of employees that will represent individual department interests in the program, represent the work force, help to steer the program and award the Employee-of-the-Month.  All departments are represented.  If you are interested in serving on the committee, contact Jim Engelhardt (3280).
The Wellness Committee will vote and select the winner each month.  Employees can nominate each other and any program participant is eligible.  Nominations should be given to the employee wellness program department representative.
Employee-of-the-Month is an award designed to reward employees who are either very diligent with their program participation, experience significant personal success (weight loss, smoking cessation, overcome illness/disease, etc.) or employees who actively encourage others’ participation in the program.  Award winners will receive $50 in recognition for their efforts.
This will vary depending on the type of screening and/or lecture offered.  An annual schedule will be developed with specific registration instructions for each screening posted on the employee wellness program website.  For most screenings, however, you will register by contacting the Kettering Medical Center (phone numbers will be provided).
No.  You can participate in the program by simply completing the registration form and either tracking your activity and/or participating in various screenings and lectures.  If you want to receive a free fitness pass, you must take the HRA.
Yes.  Due to the “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act” (HIPAA), KMC is legally bound to confidentiality with any personal information obtained from the HRA.  Additionally, the City is not seeking information regarding individual health levels but rather aggregate information representing the overall workforce.
The HRA is important for several reasons.  First, it will establish a baseline level of health for the workforce.  Program effectiveness will be measured by comparing yearly results.
The HRA will also let us know (on the aggregate level) what health issues exist with the workforce and will help to determine what screenings and education programs are offered.
No.  Spouses may take the HRA but since they are required to purchase their membership, it is not required.  Spousal cost for the HRA is $65.
The HRA has two parts.  The first part is a questionnaire that assesses individual lifestyle and health.  The second part is a physical screening that includes cholesterol (12 hour fast is required), blood pressure, body fat, flexibility and grip strength.  All results are confidential.  The HRA’s are conducted by Kettering Medical Center personnel.
Participation logs  can be found on the employee wellness program website and points can be submitted online. Please keep a copy of the points you submit for your records.
The point system is an incentive program that offers participation points for working out or participating in screenings and lectures.  Employees will accumulate participation points over the course of the year-long program.  If employees accrue a total of 500 points, (80 non-activity and 420 activity points), they will be awarded with a cash incentive.
You have two options:
• You can transfer your current pass to another member of your family and start you new membership immediately.
• We can stop your current membership and give you a household credit for the pro-rated unused remaining portion of your membership.  The household credit can be applied to membership, drop-in fees or any other Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts program.
Employees have their choice of either a fitness pass or swim pass.  If they would like both, they can pay the cost difference and purchase a combination pass (includes all areas).  The reason for not purchasing combination passes for the workforce is simple economics.
Sign up for any scheduled Health Risk Appraisal or register on-line.
The fitness center membership includes unlimited drop-in use of both fitness centers (Kettering Recreation Complex Fitness Center and the Kettering Fitness & Wellness Center), the running tracks at both locations and the spa area at KRC.  The membership is good for one year.  Both fitness facilities offer top-notch state-of-the-art strength and cardiovascular equipment.
Employees have their choice of either a free annual fitness pass or a free annual swim pass.  Employees can pay an upgrade fee to change their membership to a Combination Pass that includes pool use, unlimited drop-in group exercise, gym use and ice arena use.
Family pass rates are not eligible for participating employee wellness program members or for the K.E.E.P. discount.  As a participating member of the employee wellness program, you can purchase individual membership passes for family members at the 20% discounted K.E.E.P. rate.
Spouses can participate but are not eligible for the incentive program.  Memberships for spouses and other family members of participating employees can purchase memberships for 20% off resident prices per the K.E.E.P. policy.   Note: The employee must have an active pass membership for the spouse to qualify.
   Spouses can also participate in the screening and lecture component of the program.  Screening participation will be offered to the spouse for the cost of the screening.  Lecture participation will be offered at no cost to the spouse (due to fixed speaker cost).
Full-time City of Kettering employees and part-paid volunteer fire fighters.  Part-time staff can participate at program cost ($85 for fitness membership and cost of screenings; lecture program is free) but are not eligible for the incentive program. Volunteers who accrue 100 service hours are eligible for the K.E.E.P. program and a 20% discount on all pass memberships.
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