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Current Tax Rate: 2.25%

Individuals: Who Can Use the Online Tax Tool?

  • Only taxpayers with established tax accounts and who have previously filed a tax return with the city are eligible to use the Online Tax Tool.
  • Individuals with income from WAGES ONLY may use the Online Tax Tool to prepare and file their city tax return. Individuals may choose to either E-file their return or print and mail their return to the Tax Division.
  • When choosing the print and mail option, please be sure to attach copies of all W-2 Forms and mail to the City of Kettering.

Individuals: Who CANNOT Use the Online Tax Tool?

  • Individuals with reportable income or losses from activities (other than wages) cannot use the Online Tax Tool and must file their return on paper.  Obtain a tax form here.  
  • Other reportable income or losses include those activities reported on Federal Schedules C, E, F, K-1 or Form 1099-MISC., etc.
  • Part year residents (whether moving into or out of the City of Kettering) must also file their city tax return on paper. Obtain a tax form here.

Individuals: May Also Use the Online Tax Tool To…

  • Guide you in the preparation of your estimated tax payment vouchers when applicable.
  • Pay your tax balance, quarterly estimated tax payments and payment plan payments via electronic check, credit card or debit card.
  • Verify estimated tax payments to date and/or prior year credits online.
Note: Returns requesting a refund of overpaid tax cannot be filed electronically.  Obtain a tax form here.
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