ACH Credit Program

Current Tax Rate: 2.25%

The ACH Credit Electronic Filing program allows the employer to schedule the settlement date for which their remittance will be deducted from their bank account. With this program, the employer will need to contact their bank to have them send the funds to the City of Kettering.


To file using the ACH Credit Program, please contact your bank to ensure that they can process ACH credit transactions. If your bank does offer this service, ask for their ACH transmission schedule. You will receive credit for ACH Credit transactions on the day after your bank transmits the transaction.


To begin using the ACH Credit Program you will need to register with the City of Kettering by completing an ACH Credit Authorization Form. You may complete the authorization form on-line while the form is displayed through Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 (or a later version). To get started, position your cursor (or I beam) in the field Taxpayer Account Name; click; and begin entering your information. You may navigate from field to field by using the TAB key. Simply print, and then mail the completed form to our office using the address listed below.
Once we receive your registration form, we will send to you the file layout specifications that you will need for preparation of your ACH Credit file transmissions. For additional information or assistance, please contact our office at (937) 296-2502.

Mailing Address

ACH Credit Electronic Filing Program
City of Kettering , Income Tax Division
P.O. Box 293100
Kettering, OH 45429-9100

Benefit To You

Only the Annual Withholding Reconciliation (Form KW-3) and W-2’s need to be mailed to the City; all monthly or quarterly withholding returns and payments are transmitted electronically.
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