Electronic Tax Programs

Current Tax Rate: 2.25%

Electronic Tax Programs

The City of Kettering Income Tax Division now has in place two means by which employers may file their withholding tax payments electronically. They are the ACH Credit Program and the Webfile Program. All employers who are required to remit employee withholding tax payments must use one of the two programs unless they fall below the minimum requirements (listed below) or are specifically exempted by the Tax Manager. All other employers who currently remit employee withholding tax payments to the City of Kettering are eligible to use either program.

Webfile Program

The Webfile Program allows an employer to log onto our secure website and initiate the ACH Debit (electronic check) process to remit employee withholding taxes to the City of Kettering. Employers who use the Webfile Program to remit payment of Kettering Tax withheld may also use the program to electronically submit their Annual Withholding Reconciliation and W-2 information to the city.
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ACH Credit Program

The ACH Credit Program is designed for larger employers with significant internal, information technology capabilities. It allows the employer to schedule the settlement date on which their remittance will be deducted from their bank account. With this program, the employer will have to contact their bank to have them send the funds to the City of Kettering.
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If you have any questions or need additional information, you may contact the Tax Division at (937) 296-2502 weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
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