FAQ Topic: City Services

Where do I find information about TV and internet providers?

For cable services only, contact Spectrum at 1-877-772-2253. For digital or satellite services, several companies including AT&T, Dish Network, and Spectrum provide services in our area.  The decision of which provider to use is best left to your personal preferences.

Where do I find information about my water service?

All water and sewer services are provided by your county of residence. The Montgomery County Water Services Department has a 24-Hour Emergency number at 1-937-781-2678. For Customer Service & Billing you may call 1-937-781-2688, and to report a water quality concern, call 1-937-781-2666. For Kettering residents of Greene County please call the Greene County Sanitary … Continued

How do I get an absentee ballot?

To request and absentee ballot you may fill out an Absentee Voter Application Form and mail it back Montgomery County Board of Elections at 451 W. Third Street, Dayton OH 45422. You can also request an application by mail by calling 1-937-225-5656. For Kettering residents in Greene County please mail the Absentee Voter Application Form … Continued

Where is my polling location?

To determine your polling location you may use the Montgomery County Board of Election’s online polling locator or call their offices at 1-937-225-5656. For Kettering residents in Greene County you can use the Greene County Board of Election’s online polling locator.

How do I register to vote?

You can register to vote at any of the following locations: At the Montgomery County or Greene County Board of Elections or the Secretary of State’s office. At any Branch Registration Agency. At any public high school or vocational school. At any office of the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. At any office of designated … Continued

Do I have to shovel my sidewalk?

Yes.  Clearing of sidewalks is the responsibility of the property owner and the City of Kettering requires that sidewalks must be clear and passable for pedestrians.

When will my street be plowed?

While snow continues to fall, plows focus on main roadways only. After 2” of accumulation, snow has stopped falling and the clearing of primary snow routes is complete, the residential and side streets in the city will be addressed.

What senior services are available at the CIL / Charles I. Lathrem Senior Center?

The City of Kettering Charles I. Lathrem Senior Center  is a multi-purpose facility dedicated to providing quality programs and services to anyone age 55 or better. Members have access to the attached recreation center’s swimming pool, gymnasium, walking track, ice arena, childcare and more, for a discounted fee. Programs include Travel, Sports and Fitness, Health … Continued

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