FAQ Topic: City Services

My neighborhood was the last area to receive service during the previous snow storm, can I expect to be first for the next snow storm?

Not necessarily. Many factors affect how soon a particular residential street receives service; including proximity to collector streets, topography, school locations and traffic volume. The City does not track rotation of district plowing from storm to storm. We invite all residents interested in viewing snow route maps and discussing 
snow removal procedures to call us: … Continued

I live on a cul-de-sac and the circle isn’t plowed to help me access my driveway. Why can’t the City do a better job?

Cul-de-sacs are especially difficult for snow removal operations. 
In a light snow, a circle may not receive treatment unless there is an incline. During plowing operations where all streets are plowed, drivers must push snow into available open spaces (i.e. around fire hydrants, between mailboxes, driveways and storm sewer inlets).  Many times, cul-de-sacs have parked … Continued

What is the Safe Senior Program?

The Safe Senior Program identifies, locates and/or assists seniors and other at-risk residents in times of emergency. Please contact the Kettering Police Department to enroll a loved one.

How do I get a new resident information?

Welcome to Kettering! Most of the information you need is readily available on our website.  Be sure to sign up for our monthly e-newsletter and take a minute to follow us on Facebook & Twitter.  To have a resources such as a City map, Directory or the latest edition of Contact with Kettering mailed to … Continued

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