FAQ Topic: Yard Debris FAQs

I am a Kettering Resident, what is the Resident Mulch & Compost Program?

Each fall, we pick-up the leaves residents rake to their curbside. The collected leaves are taken to our “leaf farm” where the material is processed and made into leaf compost. In the Spring, when the leaves have formed a rich compost, it is made available to the residents of Kettering for free! For more information on … Continued

How do I dispose of yard debris items that are not accepted?

There are several ways to dispose of unaccepted yard debris: Montgomery County Solid Waste District may accept some of these materials. Please call (937) 225-4999 for more information. Rumpke will service yard wasted with your regular trash collection on your service day.  Please call 1-800-828-8171 for more information.

What happens to my yard debris?

Yard debris is used as part of our free mulch/compost program available for Kettering Residents.  The yard debris is ground in a tub grinder and sent to our composting site. After grinding, material is laid in rows to decompose. The rows are turned regularly to introduce air and moisture. The end product is a rich … Continued

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