FAQ Topic: Homeowner Assistance

What do I do if I have an argument or issue with my neighbor?

Neighbor disputes are a civil matter.  If the matter cannot be handled civilly between the two parties you have the right to hire a mediator or an attorney at your cost.  If at any time you feel you are being physically threatened by another person please call the Kettering Police Department.

How do I find my property lines?

The Planning & Development Department can give you a copy of your lot dimensions. To determine the exact location of property lines a property survey would need to be conducted at the property owner’s expense.

Does the City have any homeowner assistance programs?

The City of Kettering offers an outstanding Housing Rehabilitation Program.  This program provides low-interest loans to income eligible homeowners to make needed repairs to their Kettering home. This program also provides deferred loans for qualified elderly and disabled. Our Community Development Department manages these programs.

Does the City have any first time home owner programs?

Down Payment Assistance is available to first time home buyers of properties in Kettering who meet the program eligibility requirements. Applicants for the Kettering Down Payment Assistance Program must have a certificate of completion of an 8-hour HUD approved Home Buyer Course. The Home Ownership Center of Greater Dayton is the partner agency with the … Continued

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