FAQ Topic: City Ordinances

Where can I get a copy of city ordinances?

You may view city ordinances online, visit our City Manager’s office or Law Department at 3600 Shroyer Road for a copy of an ordinance, or call the offices at 296-2412 or 296-2456 to have a copy of a city ordinance emailed or mailed to you.

Can you have chickens in Kettering?

By City ordinance, raising and keeping chickens is not permitted in the City of Kettering. Residents who have chickens on their property for any purpose are in violation of this ordinance. Violations should be reported.

How do I start a petition to change something in the City?

The Montgomery County Board of Elections has packets containing petition forms. These may be obtained by scheduling an appointment with someone in the Campaign Finance Department. You can email them at mcboe@mcohio.org or call 1-937-225-5669.

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