Watch Wellness Mini Lectures


  • Each video is worth 3 points; Maximum points per year on mini-lectures is 30 Non-Activity Points (10 mini-lectures).
    • Note, a maximum of 20 Non-Activity Points may be earned in one day.
  • If you have problems accessing the videos, it is recommended you try viewing in Google Chrome.
  • To access the video, please click the title of the mini-lecture.
  • Enter names of mini-lectures in Wellvibe to obtain non-activity points. Remember, there is a maximum of 10 mini-lectures per Wellness Year.
  • There is no viewing deadline and no cash drawing for mini-lectures.
    • Note, we will continue offering “live” lectures; however, they are limited to one offering per quarter. Live lectures will be posted online and DVDs will be distributed to the departments. Each live lecture is worth 10 Non-Activity Points and entry in a $50 drawing. You may earn up to 40 Non-Activity Points on live lectures in addition to the maximum 30 Non-Activity Points on mini-lectures.
  • Do you have a recommendation? Send Amanda Harold any relevant mini-lecture videos (averaging 3-5 minutes in length) and we’ll present them to the committee. Your recommendation might become part of the approved list!

NEW MINI-LECTURES (Added 11.07.19)
The Health Benefits of Exercise
Two Minute Meditation
Set Goals You Can Achieve
Weight Loss & Exercise
Geoff’s Story – Quitting Tobacco
Portion Control & Weight Loss Goals
Real Appeal Success Story

Metabolic Syndrome (MetS)
Diabetes – What You Need to Know
Facts About Obesity
Take Your Meds – Watch with Chrome

Professor Penny Discusses the SMarT Plan (Ohio Deferred Compensation)
Professor Penny Discusses the Benefits of Enrolling (Ohio Deferred Compensation)
Save & Invest Smart (ICMA)
Why Your 457 Plan Matters (ICMA)
Retirement Planning (OP&F)
DROP Information (OP&F)

Hometown Health: Get Back to Biking
What is the importance of proper warm up and cool down?
Tips: The Benefits of Exercising with a Partner
Exercise Demo: 5 Stretches to Increase Running Speed

Life’s Simple 7: Stop Smoking
Life’s Simple 7: Eat Better
Life’s Simple 7: Get Active
Life’s Simple 7: Lose Weight
Life’s Simple 7: Manage Blood Pressure
Life’s Simple 7: Control Cholesterol
Life’s Simple 7: Reduce Blood Sugar

Nutrition Brief: Quick and Easy Meals – Watch with Chrome
Nutrition Brief: Healthy Breakfast – Watch with Chrome
Nutrition Briefs: Going Organic
Nutrition Briefs: Healthy Snacking
Hometown Health: Taking the Mystery Out of Meal Kits
Why is high fructose corn syrup controversial?
What are the different parts of a nutrition label?
What foods or super foods should people with diabetes focus on during the holidays?
A Patient’s Perspective on Eating Healthier Food

Importance of an Eye Exam
Learn how to keep your eyes amazing
What preventive tests do you recommend for adults?

What can someone who is sleep deprived do to get back on a path toward a restful night’s sleep?
How does insomnia affect a person’s health?
Sleep Apnea and Atrial Fibrillation

Mindful Breathing Meditation
Mindfulness Bell
Hometown Health: Paint Away Your Stress

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